Spooky Halloween Oobleck Activity For Kids

Halloween Oobleck

It’s Halloween! Time for Trick or Treats, costumes and scary decorations. So in honor of this season, we made a spooky Halloween Oobleck activity for kids! It’s a fun Science activity for kids and kids at heart, guaranteed!

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What is Oobleck?

Halloween Oobleck activity for kids

I know what you’re thinking: “Oobleck what?!”

First off, the name Oobleck came from a Dr. Seuss book, “Bartholomew and the Oobleck.” It is a magical substance that can be both liquid and solid at the same time.

If you tap on the surface very hard and fast, it is solid. But if you tap your fingers on it very gently and slowly, it is liquid.

If you pick it up and squish it in your hand, it is solid like a clay ball. If you release it and open your fingers, it transforms into liquid slime or mud. Amazing isn’t it? 

Well, it’s even more amazing when we made it into a Halloween Oobleck!

Spooky Oobleck Recipe

Making Oobleck is super easy! You only need 2 simple ingredients:

  1. Cornstarch
  2. Water

The ratio is usually 2:1. So if you use 2 cups of cornstarch, you add in 1 cup of water. 

Halloween Oobleck ingredients

But to make it into a Halloween themed Oobleck, we added a few more materials:

  1. Red and yellow food coloring to make the orange color
  2. Creepy Halloween toys like plastic skeletons and spiders, ping pong eyeballs, and Jack O’lantern mini baskets.
Halloween Oobleck toy materials

Steps to Make Halloween Oobleck

Step 1:

Put 2 cups cornstarch in a bowl.

Halloween Oobleck cornstarch food coloring

Step 2:

Put drops of red and yellow food coloring in 1 cup of water.

Step 3:

Pour the orange colored water slowly in the bowl while stirring.

Halloween Oobleck pour water on cornstarch

Step 4:

Mix the cornstarch and colored water together until it looks like liquid mud.

Halloween Oobleck mixing

Step 5:

Put in the spooky plastic toys and have fun!

Halloween Oobleck with toys


You may have to use your hands to mix the water and cornstarch together as it can get very thick. Squishing them in your hands to mix together is part of the fun.

Halloween Oobleck mixing by hand
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Halloween Oobleck Activity for Kids

How do you play with this ooey gooey magical liquid mud? Here are some of what we did:

#1 Fun Idea :

We dribbled the Oobleck from our hands onto the toy skeletons like mud rain. Then we buried them inside the mud. They looked like an orange burial ground with bones sticking out. Spooky!

Halloween Oobleck skeleton toy
Halloween Oobleck skeleton standing

#2 Fun Idea :

We made the plastic spiders jump on the surface by tapping it fast and with force. Of course, the Oobleck felt solid.

Then we tapped the spiders on the surface real slow and they sunk inside the magic mud.

We also made the spiders “crawl” down the Halloween Oobleck as it transformed to liquid slime. They landed on Joshua’s hand!

Halloween Oobleck spiders

#3 Fun Idea :

The eyeball ping pong balls were too light to sink or be buried inside the Oobleck. They just became decorations and made the orange Oobleck look scarier.

Halloween Oobleck eyeball toy

#4 Fun Idea :

The Jack O’lantern mini baskets we used to dump more Oobleck on the toy skeletons and spiders. It was fun filling them up with the gooey orange slime.

Halloween Oobleck jack o lantern

Halloween Oobleck Verdict: 5 Stars!

Doing this fun Halloween Oobleck activity for kids was super easy to make, scary to look at and fun to play with. This was a Halloween winner!

Halloween Oobleck skeleton

Bonus Halloween Excavation Kids Activity

We ended our Halloween activity by leaving the skeletons and spiders buried inside the Oobleck. When the orange mud dried up, parts of the toy skeletons and spiders were sticking out on the surface. Really spooky! 

Now we had another fun Halloween activity to do. Read about it in the Easy Spooky Halloween Excavation Activity for Kids. Check it out!

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