Halloween Black Cat Yakult Bottle Craft for Kids

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This is Part 4 of our DIY Halloween decoration project using recycled Yakult bottles. The first 3 were ghosts, mummies and bats. This time, let’s make Halloween Black Cat Yakult bottle craft for kids. This is another great way of  hitting 2 birds with one stone: doing a fun kids’ activity and recycling at the same time. Let’s craft some black cats!

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What is Yakult?

If this is your first time to encounter Yakult, let me explain what it is. According to Yakult.co.in

So a healthy digestive system is the key to good health and longevity. Yakult is a delicious probiotic fermented milk drink that contains Yakult’s exclusive probiotic Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (LcS). Daily consumption of Yakult helps improve digestion and helps build immunity.


Yakult is very similar in taste to a yoghurt drink. But it has more health benefits as it has the probiotics that helps digestion and immunity.

Because I drink Yakult everyday to help with my gastritis or acid reflux, I have tons of Yakult bottles. Since I didn’t want to just throw them away, I researched on how to reuse Yakult bottles that can be made as a fun kid’s activity. And this project is the 4th one in our series of Halloween Yakult bottle crafts.

Halloween Black Cat Yakult Bottle Craft

Halloween Black Cat Yakult Bottle Craft smile

This Halloween kids’ craft was an instant idea while we were making the Yakult bottle bats craft. We were painting the bottles black to make the bats when we realized, “Hmm, we can make a black cat out of this, too!” 

And so our black cat was born! Halloween won’t be complete without a black cat! 

DIY Yakult Bottle Black Cat Materials

Halloween Black Cat Yakult Bottle Craft materials
  • Yakult bottles 
  • Black paint
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Googly eyes
  • Black board paper (scrap)
  • White board paper (or any color, scrap)
  • Glue
  • Glue gun

Other Materials:

  • Paint brush
  • Bowl of water for paint brush
  • Apron or old play clothes
  • Plastic tablecloth, shower curtain or old newspaper (optional)
  • Blowdryer (optional)

Halloween Black Cat Procedure

STEP 1: Preparation

Put a plastic tablecloth, shower curtain or old newspapers on your work surface to protect it from paint.

Have the kids put on their craft apron to protect their clothes from paint. Or use old play clothes if you prefer.

Wash and dry clean your empty Yakult bottles.

STEP 2: Black Cat Body

Halloween Black Cat Yakult Bottle Craft paint black

Paint the empty Yakult bottles in black paint. We used acrylic paint but you can use paint you have on hand. 

Make sure to paint the bottom of the Yakult bottle as well as this will be the cat’s head.

Dip your paintbrush in water as needed.

Turn the bottle upside down to let dry. If you want to speed up the drying process, use a blowdryer. (Best to let the adults do this part.)

STEP 3: Black Cat Whiskers and Tail

While waiting for the paint to dry, prepare your cat’s whiskers and tail.

Since this was an instant Halloween Yakult bottle craft, we had to search for a pipe cleaner in our stash that would suit our black cat.

We didn’t have any black colored pipe cleaner so we opted for the next best color: a bronze colored one! It was perfect because it was close to the Halloween orange color and it was sparkly. So our black cat’s face and tail will stand out!


Halloween Black Cat Yakult Bottle Craft whiskers and tail using pipe cleaner

Fold 1 end of the pipe cleaner 3 times, in the length that is short enough to be the cat’s whiskers.

Cut the folded pieces until you have 3 whiskers. Bunch them together.

Halloween Black Cat Yakult Bottle Craft whiskers using pipe cleaner

Cut off a tiny piece of pipe cleaner and wrap it around the middle of the bunched pipe cleaner whiskers. Tie off and make sure the end is tucked in to avoid any pricked fingers.


Halloween Black Cat Yakult Bottle Craft tail using pipe cleaner

The remaining pipe cleaner length will be the black cat’s tail. Wrap it around your index finger to simulate a coiled tail. That’s it!

STEP 4: Black Cat Face

Halloween Black Cat Yakult Bottle Craft body parts

Prepare a pair of googly eyes for each cat that you will make. We used blue googly eyes so we have a blue eyed black cat.

When the Yakult bottle paint is dry, put glue behind each googly eye. Remember, the face or bat head is the bottom half of the Yakult bottle so adhere the eyes to the upside down bottle. 


Draw a tiny triangle on the white board paper or any scrap board paper you have. Cut it out and add glue. Stick to the black cat’s face underneath the googly eyes. Our cat has a nose!


Halloween Black Cat Yakult Bottle Craft ears

Prepare the cat ears. Using the scrap pieces of black board paper, cut out triangles to simulate the ears. Fold the bottom part to make a base for the ears to stand on top of the Yakult bottle bottom. Put glue on this folded base and adhere to the top (but actually bottom) of the bottle. Now you have your cat ears!

STEP 5: Complete Black Cat

Halloween Black Cat Yakult Bottle Craft assembly

Heat up the glue gun. Practice placing the cat’s whiskers underneath the nose. And practice where you want to put the cat’s tail at the back of the bottle.

Halloween Black Cat Yakult Bottle Craft glue gun assembly

Put some hot glue on the middle part of the whiskers and adhere to the bottle. Press on it hard to make sure it sticks well.

Put some hot glue at the end of the pipe cleaner tail and adhere to the back of the bottle. Press on it to make it still but be careful about burning your fingers from the hot glue.


Halloween Black Cat Yakult Bottle Craft finished

Yahoo! You now have your very own Halloween Black Cat Yakult bottle craft! 

You can arrange them in a group as a table decor. Or put them in different parts of the house along with your other spooky decor items. 

Or if you made the Yakult bottle ghosts, mummies and bats Halloween kids’ crafts, you can group them altogether with this Halloween black cat. It is certainly the star of the spooky cutie group!

Halloween Black Cat Yakult Bottle Craft group

Bonus Halloween Kids’ Activities

Aside from using these Yakult bottle craft as decoration, you can also make some games out of them.


Hide the Black Cat Yakult bottles around the house. Have the kids find them as a scavenger hunt game. The one who finds the most cats wins!


Put the Black Cat Yakult bottles in different rooms of the house. Prepare some treats beside them. Have the kids go around the house as an indoor Trick or Treat and hunt down the cat bottles. When they find them, they get the treats that go with them!


How about some cats bowling? If you want to use the black cat Yakult bottle craft for this activity, better make sure their whiskers and tails are attached securely.

Set up the bottles like bowling pins on the floor. Use a mini ball and bowl those cats over!

Better yet, set these cats along with the rest of their Yakult bottle Halloween buddies, the ghosts, mummies and bats. They make for an interesting and spooky bowling game!

Halloween Black Cat Yakult Bottle Craft group bowling
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DIY Yakult Bottle Craft Halloween Black Cat Verdict: 5 Stars!

Halloween Black Cat Yakult Bottle Craft verdict 5 stars

For an impromptu, last minute Halloween craft, this Black Cat Yakult Bottle craft was super easy and cute!

This is not only a fun kids activity that you can do this season but also makes a great Halloween decoration. And you got to recycle empty plastic Yakult bottles and play games with them. Just make sure you don’t put them along the path that you will cross or it’s bad luck haha!

Halloween Black Cat Yakult Bottle Craft finished product

This Halloween Black Cat craft is 5 Stars as one of the best out of waste from Yakult bottles!

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