DIY Fun Halloween Costumes for Stuffed Animals

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Halloween is a fun time to put on costumes, go on a Trick or Treat and have a party. But who says humans are the only ones who should dress up and have all the fun? My son asked his Papa to jazz up his favorite plush animal “friends.” Here are their very own DIY Halloween costumes for stuffed animals. It made for a great father-son bonding moment! 

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Father – Son Halloween Bonding

Halloween costumes father son bonding

Oh yes, my Lawyer-Hubby turned into a “Crafter Pappy” this Halloween! He just couldn’t say “no” to his only son’s request to make Halloween costumes for his stuffed animals.

Our son, Joshua, has all sorts of plushies but his favorite buddies are Dolphin (a dolphin of course!), Puppy Dog (a puppy dog, duh!)  and Pounder (another puppy). He can’t go to sleep without them and call them his “friends.”

So when Halloween rolled around, he wanted them to be in costumes to celebrate the season with him. Yes, he is such a sweet boy and cares for his buddies!

I had no idea they had this Halloween activity planned out so it was a surprise when Hubby came home one day with all these craft supplies.

Haha! Imagine a Vice President and Head of the Legal Department of a huge company doing crafts! 

Halloween costumes supervising son

Then imagine his 8-year old son looking on, “supervising” his Papa. I guess he has a higher position than his VP Papa… President Joshua!

You can make your own Halloween costumes for stuffed toys using your kids’ favorite plushes. This is just an example on how you can make them ready to party this Halloween.

Halloween Stuffed Animals Costume Materials

Halloween costumes materials

Hubby used these craft materials to make this DIY Halloween costumes for stuffed animals:

  • Black board paper
  • Silver pen (or any pen visible on black paper)
  • Jumbo popsicle sticks 
  • Floral wire (or any ribbon)
  • Googly eyes
  • Black paint
  • Red cloth paper (or any scrap cloth, felt cloth or crepe paper)
  • Double adhesive tape (or glue)
  • Glue gun

How to Transform Cute to Spook Stuffed Toys

Halloween Costumes for Stuffed Animals group picture

Follow these very simple steps to transform your plushy stuffed animals into spooky Halloween creatures!


Halloween Costumes for Stuffed Animals vampire dolphin

#1: TRACE and DRAW

Trace the fins and tail of Dolphin onto the black board paper. Hubby used the silver pen to trace so it can be seen easily.

Don’t forget to draw 2 small triangles to make the little vampire fangs.

#2: CUT and TAPE

Cut out the black board fins, tail and fangs. Put some double adhesive tape to the backs of the fins, tail and fangs.


Adhere the taped fins, tail and fangs onto the appropriate body parts of Dolphin. 

Halloween Costumes for Stuffed Animals vampire dolphin

You now have a Dolphin Vampire Bat!


Halloween Costumes for Stuffed Animals puppy dragon


Halloween costumes puppy dragon practice materials

Put Puppy Dog on top of a black board paper to practice how big the dragon wings and tail should be.

Put 2 giant popsicle sticks in a cross along Puppy Dog’s back and arms. This will act as the wings and tail support. 

Draw a wing on either side of Puppy Dog and the dragon tail.

#2: CUT and PASTE

Halloween costume puppy dragon cut and paste materials

Cut out the black board paper wings and tail. Put double adhesive tape underneath these parts.

Put double adhesive tape or hot glue on the giant popsicle stick to form the cross.


Halloween costume dragon popsicle stick support painting

Make sure you have newspapers, plastic cloth as protection for your table. Paint the cross popsicle sticks in black paint. Let it dry.


Halloween costume for puppy dragon assemble materials

Attach the wings and tail onto the painted popsicle sticks. Attach this assembly using double adhesive tape onto Puppy Dog’s back.

Halloween Costumes for Stuffed Animals puppy dragon

Tadah! You have a cute Puppy Dog Dragon!


Halloween Costumes for Stuffed Animals puppy vampire


Preparing puppy vampire

Put your red cloth or scrap cloth around Pounder Dog’s back. Measure and cut enough cloth to form a cape. Make sure it goes all around its back up to its chin and has a nice flow. Cut the cloth accordingly.

Cut a small hole on either side of the cloth under its chin. It should be enough to put in a floral wire or ribbon.

Measure Pounder’s ears and draw some ears on the black board paper. Cut out the ears.


We chose red googly eyes to make it a spooky vampire. Put double adhesive tape to the back of 2 googly eyes. Attach them onto Pounder Dog’s eyes.


Halloween Costumes puppy vampire assembly

Put double adhesive tape onto the black board paper ears. Attach onto Pounder Dog’s ears.

Put the cloth cape around Pounder Dog’s back. Loop in and tie a floral wire or ribbon inside the 2 holes in the cape under its chin.

Halloween Costume for puppy vampire finished

Voila! Spooky red-eyed Pounder Dog Vampire!

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Halloween Costumes for Stuffed Animals Verdict: 5 STARS

Halloween Costumes for Stuffed Animals fun

Because this was Hubby’s 1st time to be a crafter and it was all his idea, we give this Halloween craft activity 5 STARS!

It was a very easy and simple way to transform plush toy animals into spooky Halloween creatures. And they look oh so cute!

Plus the great big smiles and hugs our son gave his Papa was reward enough for the effort of creating these stuffed animal Halloween costumes. 

“Crafter Pappy” for the win!

Halloween Costumes Stuffed Animals Pinterest pin

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