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Welcome to My Mommy Journey!

This blog is all about the ups and downs, struggles and rewards, challenges and solutions in the world of parenting. Let me share my mommy journey with you!

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Ida Delos Reyes blogger photo

Interior Designer-Backup Singer-Blogger-Full-time Mom!

I gave up the corporate world to become pregnant. My journey to becoming Mommy was long and difficult… Til I finally became pregnant via IVF and gave birth at 42! My challenging experience is why I am passionate about everything parenting. That’s why I am sharing my journey with you!

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What Can You Learn From My Mommy Journey?


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What People Are Saying

Here are some words from readers and subscribers!

Her blog, My Mommy Journey, is an extension and living proof on how much heart Mommy Ida puts on being a parent. It's not easy to prepare activities for children let alone search, gather and verify it's viability and how much fun and appreciated it will be. I appreciate so much all her thoughts, ideas, suggestions and inputs in her blogs. I am grateful to her for sharing these experiences to other parents and teachers alike. Cheers Mommy Ida! Looking forward to more blogs and fun activities
Geni Co
Preschool Teacher
Ida gave up her practice as an Interior Designer so she can fulfill her heart’s longing. She’s a full time mom and her day revolves around her child’s activities. I admire her for being the kind of mom that she is. I am sure that her followers will learn a lot from her experiences as a mom, be it a success or a blooper. Be ready to be blessed by her wit and wisdom. Happy reading!
Lulay Ofina
I believe that Mommy Ida’s blog posts are just one of the many ways of informing, assisting, and involving other parents especially during these rapid changes in our recent worldwide situation. I also truly believe that her virtual diary is an instrument of connecting people together by balancing views and experiences to help enlighten minds and gain wisdom into many different things. I am sure that her subscribers will not only learn a lot from her but get to know themselves better as a loving parent to their child.
Ramona Victoria
As a mom who is hands on in taking care of two kids and at the same time working, I am pressed to look for moms similarly situated as I am, from whom I can derive techniques and tips on best handling my situation... I am so thankful I came across Mommy Ida's My Mommy Journey, a blog really helpful to me, and which content I have always found useful.​
Joy Adraneda-Filio
I've been a follower of My Mommy Journey for exactly a year now (since April 2019). Most of the topics are relatable, informative, helpful, very timely and relevant. I appreciate the links and ideas shared especially the learnings and takeaways! They've been very helpful! Keep it up! You're the best! 😘
Justine Samonte
Account Manager
I tremendously enjoy reading Ida's Mommy stories. They are my favorite part of her blogs. They are very relatable, and very real. Even if our personal episodes are not usually the same (because every child is different), I appreciate all the effort she puts in writing and sharing them. It shows me the different emotions and feelings of another Mom. Besides that, she always includes a variety of links that can help and be useful to any Mom. And she always ends her blog with "key take-aways" which I personally find of good value. I will keep reading Ida's Mommy blog because as the adventure continues, Motherhood never stops. No matter how grown up our kids become in the coming years. There is so much to learn, and so much to discover. And reading blogs from a Mom like Ida, traverses us into the many faces and facets of being the kind of Mom we all want to be. Which is, the best one for our children. Being a Mom is truly, a lifelong journey.
Yellie Alcaraz-Nonato
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