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Hi, I Am Ida Delos Reyes!

My difficult journey to becoming a mother is the reason why I am so passionate about parenting.

I only have 1 child and that means I will only go through this parenting journey once. I don’t want to bungle it. 

Parenting is full of ups and downs and I document them through my blog in hopes of helping other moms who experience the same might learn from my own parenting journey.

I share my true-to-life parenting stories where you can draw takeaways from my “Aha!” moments and mistakes.

I hope My Mommy Journey will help you deal with the ups and downs, joys and pains, challenges and rewards of this world called “Parenthood.”

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My own “mommy journey” started in my late 30’s…

I am an Interior Designer and Back-up Singer by profession. I was busy with my own Interior Design company but after 10 years, I closed it down.

Why? I wanted to be a mother. I was turning 40 and the clock is definitely ticking.

After several rounds of infertility treatments, my husband and I decided to do IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) in Taiwan. It was no walk in the park!

I was pricked with countless injections, daily blood extractions, and ingested bagfuls of medications. Not to mention the daily trans-vaginal ultrasounds (Sorry too much info!) and acupuncture needles summed up how desperate I was to be a mom.

After 1 failed IVF round and then doing FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) on our 2nd round, we finally became pregnant! We were going to have twin boys, woohoo! 

But Twin A lost its heartbeat at 9 weeks in utero. We named him Pio Joseph. What a heartbreak!

Finally, after a high-risk pregnancy, gestational diabetes (with finger pricks!), bed rest, and bed pan encounters, I became a mommy at age 42. We had a beautiful baby boy named Joshua Michael

Now I relish being a stay-at-home mom and I turned to blogging to document my parenting journey. I only work every Sunday as a Back-up Singer for a popular noontime TV variety show. So I have time to be mommy.

I love doing kid activities with Joshua, having mother-son dates after school, spending 8 hours swimming with him at the beach (yes, he’s a little merman!), riding horses, watching cartoons, doing “huggle-snuggles” upon waking up, baking cookies, making pizza from scratch, reading bedtime stories, and all the other “Mom stuff!”

I want to be hands-on in his growing up years. I have been a PTA (Parents-Teachers Association) officer since his Junior Nursery year. This gives me opportunities to be involved in his school. I want him to remember that his Mama is always present in important events in his life.

I am focused on parenting because I want to ensure that my son will grow up to be the kind of person God willed him to be. He is the only survivor among 8 embryos and several failed pregnancy attempts. God must have a great plan for his life.

It is up to us, parents, to help our children be equipped to fulfill that glorious plan, to propel them to fly to what the future holds for them. They will be great!

I’ve known Ida from babyhood. You can say that I know her so well that I can attest that she is so qualified in what she is doing as a mommy blogger. How can I say she’s qualified as a mom? Well for one, she had a hard time conceiving. She went through a lot just to have our baby boy Joshua (I’m also claiming her son as mine hehe) all the possible tests and scientific ways just to conceive . Why bother? Because she had a longing to be a mother , because she knew that she’s has so much love to give to a child. If you are passionate about something, you will do your very best to reach your goals even if that meant making yourself a human pin cushion . If you happen to get what you are aiming for, you will take care of that treasure that you have gained. That’s how she is with Joshua.
Lulay Ofina
I have known Mommy Ida since her son, Joshua, started school. I was a second Mom to Joshua for two years, as his homeroom adviser. Through our encounters in and out of school I have known Mommy Ida as a wonderful, hardworking, dedicated and loving Mother and friend.
Geni Co
Preschool Teacher
I have known Mommy Ida for the past five years since her son became one of our students in Junior Nursery. From then on, she became an active volunteer parent and eventually became one of the effective officers of our PTA. This strengthened our home-school partnership and she became our ally in helping other parents understand the goals of our school. Through her blogs, she was able to unfold meaningful experiences that became an eye-opener to many things. Mommy Ida was able to give a lighter view on these situations and help co-parents deal with this feeling.
Ramona Victoria
Having a son in the same school as Mommy Ida, her journey is indeed almost close to mine... the stressful moments in taking care of a sick kid, the pressure of study, knowing what could kids do during breaks, and all: Mommy Ida's blog would have an answer! Keep it up Mommy Ida! I so love your entries! Keep 'em coming and thank you very much!
Joy Adraneda-Filio
I remember the time when we both wanted to conceive so badly, but could not. This actually started a unique journey which Ida and I both share. In time, we were finally able to have our own child through different ways. When Ida ventured into blogging, it came as no surprise that she chose a topic that is nearest and dearest to her heart. Motherhood. I've always admired Ida's commitment and passion in everything she does and sets her mind on. She is an excellent interior designer, and an equally accomplished singer. And her role as a Mother is definitely no exception. Ida is a dedicated and devoting Mom to Joshua. And one can have a glimpse of this through reading her blog. She has many stories to share in her blog about her adventures (and misadventures, haha!) of being a Mom. It's never an easy task, but Motherhood is always worth everything that goes with the package. The joys far outweigh the hardships. Every experience and every memory is a priceless treasure.
Yellie Alcaraz-Nonato

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