Do you ever wish kids came with a manual?

Are you struggling every day, trying to keep the house tidy, fix meals on time, do the laundry, wipe runny noses, keep your kids occupied long enough for you to take that much longed for warm shower?

Do you sometimes want to rip your hair out, trying to find solutions to the parenting struggles you face everyday?

Do you feel guilty about not being Super Mom?

It’s hard to juggle being a wife, mother, housekeeper, teacher, peace keeper and role model.

Do you wish you had some help?

My Mommy Journey can help you with your parenting struggles through practical tips and valuable resources.

The Site is filled with articles that deal with parenting challenges and the solutions to these problems.

The Blog is filled with my own parenting experiences and how I deal with the challenges myself. They are my own stories. They are more personal.

My Mommy Journey, the site and the blog, will help you in in your parenting journey so feel free to explore both.

My Story

My own “mommy journey” started in my late 30’s. I was an Interior Designer by profession and ran my own company. I gave it all up.

Why? I wanted to be a mother.

I was turning 40 and the clock was definitely ticking.

We had several rounds of infertility treatments, acupuncture and immunology procedures. We finally decided to do IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) in Taiwan.

It was no walk in the park! I had to face my fear of needles with 4 injections and blood extractions everyday. I had to go through daily trans vaginal ultrasounds and swallowed medicines by the bagful. All this I endured in the hopes of getting pregnant.

Our 1st round of IVF failed. I had to go through more immunology treatments back home. That meant more painful needles.

We went back to Taiwan for FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer), our 2nd round of IVF. We became pregnant with twin boys! But at 9 weeks, we lost Twin A whom we named Pio Joseph. It was heartbreaking!

I had a very difficult pregnancy due to my age. I was on bed rest, relied on a bedpan, hospitalized for bleeding, had gestational diabetes and suffered from super itchy hives-like rashes on my tummy.

Finally, at age 42, our miracle baby, Joshua Michael was born! At last, I am a mother!

Why My Mommy Journey?

My difficult journey to becoming a mother is the reason why I am so passionate about parenting.

I had to go through the eye of the needle (literally) to become a mother.

I want to share my parenting experiences so other parents will learn from them. I tackle the same struggles raising our kids as you. We are on the same boat.

I will share with you my insights, discoveries and adventures in this parenting journey.

My Mommy Journey deals with the ups and downs, tips and tricks, joys and pains, challenges and rewards of parenting.

I hope it will be able to help you along in navigating thru this strange world called “Parenthood.”







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