Halloween Mummies Yakult Bottle Crafts for Kids

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Here is another fun DIY Halloween decoration project using recycled Yakult bottles. The first craft we did was the Halloween Ghosts Yakult Bottle Crafts for Kids. You can hit 2 birds with one stone doing this kids’ activity: Creating crafts and recycling at the same time. Now let’s make Halloween mummies Yakult bottle crafts for kids! This is another fun Halloween art and crafts for your kids! 

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Yakult Explained

I drink Yakult everyday to help with my gastritis or acid reflux. Instead of taking medications for my condition, a doctor friend recommended to just gulp down Yakult.

But what exactly is Yakult? According to Yakult.co.in:

So a healthy digestive system is the key to good health and longevity. Yakult is a delicious probiotic fermented milk drink that contains Yakult’s exclusive probiotic Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (LcS). Daily consumption of Yakult helps improve digestion and helps build immunity.


Yakult is very similar in taste to a yoghurt drink. But it has more health benefits as it has the probiotics that helps digestion and immunity.

Because of my health regimen, I have tons of Yakult bottles. I didn’t like to just throw them all away. So I researched on how to reuse Yakult bottles that can be made as a fun kid’s activity. 

And this project is the second one we did! Let’s make the best out of waste Yakult bottles!

Halloween Mummies Yakult Bottle Craft

You can create this project to decorate your house this season. Making this Halloween kids’ craft is a perfect way to recycle empty plastic Yakult bottles. Add this to the Halloween ghosts craft and your decor would be spookier! Let’s make some mummies!

DIY Yakult Bottle Mummies Materials

Mummy Yakult bottle craft materials
  • Yakult bottles 
  • White yarn or twine
  • Ping Pong balls
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Glue gun
  • Paint brush
  • Bowl for diluted glue 


  • Apron or old play clothes
  • White or green paint (optional)
  • Plastic tablecloth, shower curtain or old newspaper (optional)
  • Blowdryer (optional)

Halloween Mummy Procedure

STEP 1: Preparation

Yakult empty bottles

Put a plastic tablecloth, shower curtain or old newspapers on your work surface to protect it from the glue.

Have the kids put on their craft apron to protect their clothes. Or have them wear old play clothes if you prefer.

Wash and dry clean your empty Yakult bottles.

Put some glue in a bowl and dilute with some water. 

STEP 2 (OPTIONAL): Mummy Skin

Yakult bottle craft painting

Painting the mummy skin is an optional step. You can opt to have a painted background on the Yakult bottle to act as the mummy’s skin. This is to cover the blank spaces that might show through the parts that are not covered by the yarn or twin mummy covering.

Plus this is a good way to ensure that the Yakult brand or any labels on the bottle be covered and not show through the blank spaces between the yarn. You can use white or black paint to be the mummy skin.

My son opted to paint the empty Yakult bottles in green paint. He reasoned that mummies are like zombies with green skin haha!

We used acrylic paint but you can use paint you have on hand. Dip your paintbrush in water as needed.

If you want to speed up the drying process, use a blowdryer. (Best to let the adults do this part.)

STEP 3: Mummy Body

putting glue on Yakult bottle


Dip the paint brush in the diluted glue and dab it onto the Yakult bottle. Add more glue using the brush as you wrap the yarn to cover the entire bottle.


We found out that it is much easier to put the cut yarn into the bowl of glue strand by strand than brushing the glue onto the bottle. The yarn covered in glue adhered much better to the bottle. 


preparing yarn for Yakult bottle craft

Cut long strands of white yarn or twine. This will be the mummy body covering.

Using either Step Option 1 or Option 2 above for the gluing step, wrap the white yarn or twine around the bottle starting at the neck. Add more yarn until you cover the entire bottle.

putting yarn on Yakult bottle craft

Brush more glue on top of the yarn as a layer of protection and security to keep them from unraveling. Leave to dry.


Dab extra glue at the ends of the cut yarn. Stick the start of the next yarn on top or across the end of the previous yarn to secure it. This will keep the ends from unraveling.

You can go criss-cross across the bottle to secure the ends of the yarn. This will make the mummy covering more interesting and authentic.

STEP 4: Mummy Head

Yakult bottle craft mummy head

We will use the ping pong balls as the mummy head. You can opt to paint it first as mummy skin (just like the body in the optional Step 2) or keep it bare.

Using the glue option steps in the section above, wrap strands of white yarn or twine around the ping pong ball. You can go criss-cross around the ball to secure the ends of the yarn. 

Just like the mummy body, brush more glue on top of the yarn as a layer of protection and security to keep them from unraveling. Leave to dry.

STEP 5: Mummy Face

Yakult bottle craft prepare mummy eyes

Once the mummy head glued yarn is dry, prepare 1 pair of googly eyes per mummy.


Yakult bottle craft mummy glue eyes

Use a glue gun to dab some hot glue behind each googly eye. Stick them onto the ping pong mummy head. Just be careful not to be burnt by the hot glue! Best to have an adult do this step for the kids.


Yakult bottle craft mummy eyes

Another way to stick on the googly eyes is to dab some glue using a glue gun onto the mummy head itself. This is if you are afraid of being burnt by the hot glue.

Mummy Yakult bottle craft faces

Now you have a cute and spooky mummy face!

STEP 6: Complete Mummy

Mummy Yakult bottle craft attach head

Apply some glue around the rim of the Yakult bottle mummy body using a glue gun. Attach the ping pong ball mummy head onto the rim of the bottle. Leave to dry.


Mummy Yakult bottle craft final product

Tadah! You now have some spooky cute Halloween mummy Yakult bottle craft! 

You can arrange them along with the Yakult bottle Halloween ghosts in a group as a table decor. Or you can put them in different parts of the house along with other spooky decor items.

Bonus Halloween Kids’ Activities

Mummy Yakult bottle craft for kids

Aside from using these Yakult bottle craft as decoration, you can also make some games out of them.


Hide the Mummy Yakult bottles around the house. Have the kids find them as a scavenger hunt game. The one who finds the most mummies wins!


Put the Mummy Yakult bottles in different rooms of the house. Prepare some treats beside them. Make some clues on paper and put them under the mummies. Have the kids go around the house as an indoor Trick or Treat and hunt down the Mummy Yakult bottles.

When they find them, have them solve the clue as to what room the next mummy might be. Then give them the treats for each mummy hunted!


How about some Mummy bowling? Set up the mummy bottles like bowling pins on the floor. Use a mini ball and bowl those mummies over!

For more fun, mix in the Ghost Yakult bottles as bowling pins. Maybe assign some points per mummy and ghost bottle bowled over. The one with the most points after several rounds wins!

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Yakult Bottle DIY Halloween Mummy Verdict: 4 Stars!

Mummy Yakult bottle craft for kids pose

This Halloween Mummy is a fun kids activity that you can do this season. You not only gave your kids a great craft to make, you also recycled empty plastic Yakult bottles.

Plus! You not only made decorations, you can also play games out of them.

We only gave it 4 Stars as the wrapping of the yarn or twine around the bottle mummy body and ping pong ball mummy head was pretty hard to do. Kids might need some help from adults to keep the yarn from unraveling as they wrap it around the mummy.

Other than that, this Halloween Mummy craft is one of the best uses of empty Yakult bottles!

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