How to Celebrate Father’s Day Quarantine Style

father's day quarantine style

It’s June and we get to celebrate a special occasion to honor our dads. But this year is going to be different because of the pandemic. We will celebrate Father’s Day quarantine style!

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Just like last May when we enjoyed Mother’s Day Quarantine Style, we can still make this year’s Father’s Day special. 

We don’t need to do anything elaborate especially since we can’t even go out and celebrate. Even if restaurants and stores are now open, we can’t really sit down to eat and be merry with the whole family because of the required social distancing.

We just need to focus on the “Star of the Day” and make him feel special. Do everything he loves to show your love!

Special Father’s Day Quarantine Style Free Gift!

As a starter to make Dad feel special, here is a Free gift for you to download. It’s a bundle of printables that is “All About Dad!”

Download and print out your choice among 5 printable designs. Have the kids answer the questions or draw inside the box prompts.

Collect them, tie them with a ribbon, or place inside a clear file folder, an album or a scrapbook. 

Give them to dad as a surprise gift! He would love to know what the kids think about him and just how much they love him.

father's day quarantine printables, all about dad free printables


Now let’s get creative and celebrate the man in our life, our dad!

Serve Breakfast in Bed

father's day quarantine breakfast in bed

Pamper dad as soon as he wakes up in the morning! Serve him a breakfast tray with all his favorites. Don’t forget the coffee and morning paper!

Helpful Resource: 16 Breakfast in Bed Recipes for Dad

Go Hiking 

father's day quarantine hiking

After breakfast, how about some morning exercise by going hiking with dad? Nothing beats going out in nature to give you that zing of energy for the whole day.

Walk, explore, find interesting insects and leaves, look under rocks, take pictures. Absorb what nature has to offer.

Go Fishing

father's day quarantine fishing

Dad prefers fishing? Go out to the water with your fishing rods and go fishing with dad! The peaceful water should give dad some calm and stress relief from everyday life. And it gets exciting when you get that first fish bite on the line. Instant lunch!

Take a Virtual Tour

father's day quarantine virtual museum tour

Who says you can’t travel the world because of the quarantine? Take a virtual tour of museums around the world. Let dad enjoy works of art visiting the Guggenheim, the Vatican and other famous museums virtually.

Helpful Resource: 10 of the world’s best virtual museum and art gallery tours

Cook with Dad

father's day quarantine cook with dad

After all that nature and museum tripping, how about cooking lunch with dad? Choose his favorite recipe and whip it up. Maybe dad can show you his kitchen tricks or have him chop up the ingredients. Enjoy bonding while cooking with dad.

Helpful Resource: Father’s Day Recipes

Fire Up the BBQ Grill

father's day quarantine bbq

Nothing speaks “Dad” better than a BBQ grill! Firing up the grill in your backyard is a very “dad” activity. Grilling burgers and steak is a very “manly” thing to do. Let dad enjoy the BBQ grill on his day. Then you can enjoy the fruits of his labor with a backyard meal!

Helpful Resource: 21 Best Father’s Day Recipes for The Grill

Order Takeaway

father's day quarantine take away food

If you don’t feel like cooking, order takeaway food instead. Surprise dad with his favorite food from his favorite restaurant or cafe. Or just let him choose from the menu so you’re sure he gets all his favorites.

Set a Backyard Picnic

father's day quarantine picnic

How about a Father’s Day backyard picnic? Put all his favorites in a basket, set up a blanket on the grass in your backyard and have a picnic with dad. Enjoy nature while you enjoy your meal picnic style.

Helpful Resource: 50+ Picnic Food Ideas You Need to Try

Watch Dad’s Favorite Movies

father's day quarantine watch movies

Is the remote control always being wrestled among family members? Well today, let dad decide what to watch. Sit back and relax on the sofa with him and watch his favorite movies. Don’t forget the popcorn!

Helpful Resource: Where to watch free movies online

Set Up a Mini Golf

father's day quarantine mini golf

Set up your own mini golf at home! This can be done indoors or in your garage or backyard. You can putt some golf balls around some obstacles and you got yourself a mini golf dad will surely enjoy.

Helpful Resource: How to Build a Mini-Golf Course at Home With Your Family

Go Camping Indoors

If you can’t do it outdoors, go camping indoors! Set up a tent in the living room, put in lots of pillows or some sleeping bags. Set up an instant campfire using a fondue set and make some Smores. Tell some scary stories and use flashlights to set the camping mood.

Helpful Resource: 10 Indoor Camping Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Learn a New Skill Together

father's day quarantine wood working

Is there anything dad would like to do in his bucket list? Maybe he wants to learn something new. Learn it together! It could be carpentry, plumbing, changing a bike chain or even sewing haha! Help dad learn that new skill together.

Helpful Resource: REVEALED: The top 50 ‘dad skills’ – but how many have YOU mastered?

Take Up Dad’s Hobby

father's day quarantine coin collection

Do dad’s favorite hobby together! He could teach you how to fix cars, build a bookshelf, how to collect rocks or coins, solve a crossword puzzle or whatever is his favorite thing to do. You just might turn it into your own hobby!

Set up a DIY Spa for Dad

father's day quarantine spa at home

Pamper dad with your own home spa. Give him a massage, a foot soak and even wear a facial mask. Let him relax and soothe those tired muscles.

Helpful Resource: 10 At-Home Spa Treatments

Give Dad Space

father's day quarantine dad sleeping

Another great idea to let dad unwind and destress is to give him space. Yes, let him rest, sleep or stay in his “man cave” for the day. Put up that “Do Not Disturb” sign at his door and give him space.

Put a Performance Together

father's day quarantine kids performing
Photo: Freepik

Get the kids to come up with a stage play. Let them direct it, wear costumes and set up the stage with props. Then let dad sit back and be the VIP audience. Let the kids perform their hearts out.

Don’t forget to take a video!

Helpful Resource: Free Scripts for Kids

Do an Impromptu Car Wash

father's day quarantine car wash

Invite dad to wash cars together! This could be a fun bonding moment as you soap the cars and hose them down. You may want to “accidentally” hose down dad haha!

Or you can surprise dad by washing his car for him. This could be your “squeaky clean” Father’s Day gift for him.

Host a Wine or Beer Tasting

father's day quarantine wine tasting

Is dad a wine or beer drinker? Why not host a wine or beer tasting for dad! Gather up different kinds of beer or wine. Let dad take a sip of each one, ask what he thinks of them, then let him choose his favorite. 

To add some fun into the activity, do a “blind taste test.” Put the wine or beer into separate glasses. No labels. Let dad choose his favorite then reveal the label.

Or keep the wine and beer in their bottles but blindfold dad. The rule is for him to find out which is his favorite brand just by taste. See if he could find it!

Open the Special Wine

father's day quarantine special wine

Speaking of wine, maybe you have this special brand that you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Well, this could be that day and open it up! Let dad enjoy his wine because it is his special day.

Play Dad’s Childhood Games

father's day quarantine nintendo game

Does dad still have an Atari? How about a pinball machine? Or a Pac Man or Nintendo video game? Let him reminisce about his childhood and play his type of games.

Maybe dad prefers outdoor games like hopscotch, hide and seek, or jumping rope? Play with him his favorite childhood games and make him feel like a child again.

Teach Dad a New Game

father's day quarantine play station game

Now that you played dad’s childhood games, how about you teach him some games from your generation?

Teach him to play your Playstation games or the X-Box and other virtual games. Or take out that “Game of Thrones” Monopoly game board.

Let dad enjoy your own kind of games and bridge the generation gap.

Have a Family Game Night

father's day quarantine family game night jenga

How about setting up a family game night to celebrate Father’s Day quarantine style? Take out all your favorites: Jenga, Pictionary, Monopoly, Othello, Uno, Bingo, Charades, Dominos.

Even puzzles and playing cards can be a great family game night bonding.

Do a Dad Makeover

father's day quarantine dad make over

Before your special Father’s Day dinner, do a “Dad Makeover.” Teach dad a new way of combing his hair, shave off his beard, dye his white hair, let him wear a different set of clothes than usual, complete with new shoes.

He should look really spiffy for his own special dinner.

Serve Dad’s Favorite Dinner

father's day quarantine steak dinner

Surprise dad with all his favorite dishes for dinner. Set up a nice table with your best dishes and glasses, decorate the dining room. Serve dad his favorites from your own kitchen or takeout. Let him feel he is the star on this special dinner.

Helpful Resource: 56 Father’s Day Dinner Recipes That Will Show Dad How Much You Care

Surprise Dad with Cake and Treats

father's day quarantine cake

After dinner, serve dad with a Father’s Day cake and sweet treats for dessert. Nothing ends a special dinner best with a special dessert. Let dad blow some candles on his cake. Show how much you honor him by giving your “sweet” love.

Helpful Resource: 100 Father’s Day Desserts Your Dad Will Love

Do a Surprise Video Greeting

father's day quarantine video greeting

Does dad have a celebrity idol? Try to contact them and ask for a video greeting for dad. Get some friends and family members to make their own video greeting.

Surprise him with a film showing with his idol at the very end. That would be a blast!

Helpful Resource: 24 Best Free Video Editing Software Programs in 2020

Have a Virtual Party

father's day quarantine virtual party

Set up a time for all family members to come online and have a Father’s Day quarantine style party. Everything is virtual nowadays and that should be easy for every family member to make it to dinner for dad.

Nothing beats having everyone he holds dear present on his special day.

Helpful Resource:

mother's day quarantine style, mother's day lockdown


What is a celebration without gifts? There are lots of online stores where you can have a gift delivered. But you don’t have to go out to buy one, you can just create it!

Cards for Dad

Make your own Father’s Day greeting card for dad! Let the kids create a special card for dad and surprise him. 

You can hang the cards on a line across the living room. Or stick them in different parts of the house and let dad have his own Scavenger Hunt.

Find great ideas for making your Father’s Day cards below:

40 Homemade Fathers Day Cards

father's day quarantine homemade cards
Photo: 123Homeschool4Me

Craft Gifts for Father’s Day

Make your own DIY gifts for dad by making crafts! Let the kids create craft gifts and learn a few new skills along the way. Let them enjoy making these gifts for dad and surprise him.

Here are some awesome Father’s Day craft gifts:

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

father's day quarantine gift ideas
Photo: The Craft Patch Blog


  1. Father’s Day quarantine style can be made special even if you cannot celebrate the usual way. Choose any one of these great ideas and dad will surely love it.
  2. What is important about celebrating Father’s Day is to celebrate your dad. Make him feel special by making him the “Star of the day.” Do his favorite things with him, serve him his favorite dishes. Spend the day with him.
  3. You don’t need to go out and buy a gift for dad. Create your own Father’s Day greeting card and craft gifts for him. This even adds more value to your gift since you created them for him.
  4. Father’s Day is meant to be celebrated as a family. Don’t let the quarantine stop you from being together as a family. Even celebrating via video calls is enough as long as dad sees how much you love him.
  5. Make Father’s Day this year memorable. Times are different, we have a “new normal.” But that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating Father’s Day quarantine style.
all about dad free printables, father's day printables
father's day quarantine, father's day lockdown celebration

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