Why send your tot to preschool?

Although friends say that Joshua is too young to send to preschool, I have a few reasons why I want him to go this school year:
1. He’s an only child and he needs more socialization skills. It would be nice for him to play with kids his own age.
2. He loves our “Read A Book” daily routine so I know he will thrive well in the school environment.
3. He will be with the same classmates throughout preschool so he won’t feel left out. If we wait til next year, those classmates would already have been friends the previous year.
4. He already knows the ABC’s, 123’s, colors and shapes, etc. so what else will he learn in school? A whole lot!


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What’s not to like about being off-duty while knowing that your child is in a safe, caring environment? Happily, that’s just one of many preschool perks. Preschool gets the littlest students ready for the big-time learning that will begin in elementary school (hence the “pre”) — minus the formal instruction and more serious structure that’s best left to the over-five crowd. At a good preschool, your child will pick up new skills the age-appropriate way — by doing, playing, and exploring. Here are just a few of the many benefits a preschool experience offers:




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