Making Your Preschool Choice: How to Find the Best Program for Your Child

We chose Joshua’s preschool for the following reasons:
1. It’s my hubby’s alma mater
2. It has an elementary to high school department so Joshua can go to the same school without adjusting to the environment and style of teaching
3. It ranks high in the school accreditation score
4. It has a good student:teacher ratio so it ensures that Joshua will be attended to
5. Joshua immediately took a liking to the classroom when we first visited
6. It’s only 3 minutes away from home
7. My sister’s office is right next door so she can run if there’s an emergency or pick Joshua up if I can’t
8. Joshua’s godfather is a priest there so we can get a discount (wink!)

Here are some guidelines from What To Expect to help you choose your child’s preschool…

You’ve checked around for potential preschools and have a list of promising candidates. What now? Before you spend your precious time visiting classroom after classroom, you want to do some preliminary homework (including what to ask and what to look for) to help make your preschool choice.



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