Is your toddler ready for preschool?


My son, Joshua, is turning 3yrs. old in July and as a standard here in the Philippines, it’s time for . I got him a school interview and I was like a nervous stage mother. They were wise in quickly putting me inside a conference room to fill up some papers (Get the mother out of the way tactic!). I was surprised when Josh went with the teacher to the classroom without objection.

I could hear the teacher asking Josh questions and was glad to hear him respond. Whew! No crying! When it was over, the teacher told me the best news: “He’s ready for school.” Yehey!

How about your toddler? Is it time for preschool yet?

Read this article by What To Expect to find out if it’s time to enroll your tot in preschool.

preschoolHow can you predict whether it’s time to load up your little one’s backpack and pack him off to preschool? Skip the magic 8 balls and ouija boards, and look no further than your child to clue you in. What your potential preschooler will be expected to know and be able to do before he’s signed up will depend on the school you’re considering as well as his age (preschool can start as early as age two, or as late as age four). But there are some general indications of readiness that can help you decide if preschool should be in your child’s near future.



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