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When you can’t go outdoors, hold a unique Easter egg hunt at home for kids! Doing an indoor egg hunt is just as fun as doing it outside. You can hold fast, easy indoor Easter activities for kids and family. But how about a unique way of celebrating an indoor Easter egg hunt? Here are some creative Easter egg hunt ideas for kids to try at home!

Creative Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids finding an egg inside

During these times when social distancing is required, we are all in search of how to hold an Easter egg hunt in the new normal. Try these unique Easter egg hunt ideas at home for kids!

1. Easter Puzzle Egg Hunt

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids puzzle pieces

Have an Easter family puzzle egg hunt! Fill each Easter egg with a puzzle piece. When all the eggs are collected, assemble all the puzzle pieces together as a family.

2. Colors of the Rainbow Egg Hunt

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids rainbow colored Easter eggs

To make sure each child will get the same number of Easter eggs, hold a rainbow egg hunt!

Prepare eggs with the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (blue-violet), and violet. You may use plastic eggs or real hard boiled painted ones. Have the Easter egg hunt participants hunt down only 1 of each color. At the end, let them arrange the eggs into a rainbow. The first one to do so correctly wins!

3. Easter Raffle Draw Egg Hunt

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids raffle draw tickets

This is a unique indoor Easter egg hunt idea because it is combined with a raffle draw! Put raffle tickets into the plastic eggs. Let the kids find as many eggs as they can to have more chances of winning. Hold a raffle at the end of the egg hunt and draw winning tickets for great Easter prizes!

4. Trivia Easter Egg Hunt

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids trivia questions

Teach your kids while having fun during their Easter egg hunt! Write a fun fact on any subject they would be interested in. Slip it inside the Easter eggs. Have them read out each fun fact so everyone can learn about it. That’s putting knowledge in their Easter eggs!

Get 101 Fun Trivia Questions for Kids by Parade to put inside your Easter Eggs!

5. Easter Jokes Egg Hunt

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids Easter jokes

Have a funny Easter egg hunt! Jot down jokes and put them inside the Easter eggs. Let each kid read out loud the jokes they find from their stash of eggs. The one who gets the biggest and loudest laugh from everyone wins a special prize!

Check out 101+ Best Easter Jokes from Scary Mommy and 50+ Hare-larious Easter Jokes from Big Happy House that will crack every Easter egg up!

6. “Guess Who?” Easter Egg Hunt

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids Guess Who game

Why not play a little guessing game during your indoor egg hunt? Write down clues about certain family members and put inside the eggs. The clues can be as easy as “Guess who has blue eyes?” or as hard as “Guess who talks in their sleep?” Let the kid who found the egg clue try to answer first. If they answer wrong, let the other participant who raises their hand first answer. The kid who has the most correct answers wins a prize!

7. Easter Challenge Egg Hunt

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids Easter challenge activity

How about an indoor Easter challenge? Jot down some physical challenges and slip inside the Easter eggs. They should be applicable for the age range of the kids to do. They can be easy enough such as “Jump 10 times” or “Flap your wings like a chicken 5 times” or as hard as “Put the egg on a spoon and walk to the end of the room.” Use your best judgment on how to make it challenging yet fun for the kids.

Each time someone finds an egg, they yell it out and the other participants have to do it before they can continue the egg hunt. While they are doing the challenge, the one who found it gets to continue their search for new challenge eggs.

8. Roll an Easter Egg Hunt Game

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids Easter bowling eggs

This is a fun twist to an indoor Easter egg hunt for kids to play. Have the usual egg hunt around the house. When it is done, put a white or gold egg a few feet away from the lined up players. Let them take turns rolling their found Easter eggs towards the white or gold egg as their target. The one who rolls the closest to the target egg wins a special prize!

9. “Truth or Dare” Easter Egg Hunt at Home

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids Truth or Dare game

This is a good twist to your Easter egg hunt at home. Have each family member fill out a piece of paper with a truth on one side and a dare on the flip side. Place them inside plastic eggs. This way, everyone has a contribution to the game. Hide the eggs inside the house or in the backyard.

Let the whole family participate in the egg hunt. When all the eggs have been found, let each family member take turns opening an egg. They first choose “Truth or Dare!” and answer the truth or follow the dare on the paper they got. 

10. Baking Easter Egg Hunt

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids Easter baking treats

A true-blue homemade Easter idea for kids to do is baking their favorite desserts. But make it more fun by turning it into an ingredient egg hunt! 

Put some ingredients of the dessert to be baked inside little plastic containers or bags. If they fit, put them inside the Easter eggs. If not, attach them to the eggs using tape or hide them alongside the egg.

When all the ingredients are found, assemble everyone in the kitchen and bake that Easter dessert!

11. Easter Lunch Indoor Egg Hunt

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids Easter lunch finger food for kids

This is a unique indoor Easter egg hunt idea for sure! Plan a healthy Easter lunch for the indoor Easter egg hunt participants. Make sure they are finger foods so they won’t be too messy. Separate them into serving sizes and put them inside plastic bags or wrappers. Hide the food items inside clean plastic eggs. You might opt to use the bigger eggs to fit the food.

Put a number on each egg with the same food items inside. For example, grape pieces go inside Easter egg #1, sandwich squares inside Easter egg #2, etc. Let the kids find each numbered egg, 1 set for each child. When they open them, that’s their lunch! Spread them out on Easter Activity Placemats and let them enjoy the “fruits” of their Easter egg hunt labor!

12. Role Reversal Easter Egg Hunt Idea

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids role reversal Easter bunny kids

This role reversal makes for a fun and hilarious indoor egg hunt! Instead of the adults hiding the eggs, let the kids play Easter Bunny! They will have tons of fun seeking out good hiding places for this egg hunt at home. 

But first, let the kids jot down special coupons to fill out the eggs with. These can be “skip a chore,” or “pick the family movie night,” or anything a kid would love to have as a reward. Put them inside the eggs for the parents to find.

Any Easter egg that the adults don’t find, the coupons inside them will have to be granted by them. Kids will relish this creative Easter egg hunt idea!

13. Kindness Easter Egg Hunt

Spread some kindness in your Easter egg hunt this year with these Kindness Easter printables from Coffee and Carpool: Raising Kind Kids. Simply cut them, and hide them in your Easter eggs to inspire more kindness.

14. Christ-Centered Easter Egg Hunt

Photo: Saving Talents

This fun Easter egg hunt from Saving Talents puts the center of the holiday activity on the Savior Jesus Christ. It’s perfect for a family night during the Holy Week or for an Easter Sunday activity after church. You could even use it as an Easter Sunday School lesson for kids!

15. Easter Scavenger Egg Hunt

Here are a couple of free printable Easter egg hunt clues you can try!

Photo: Nurture Store

Need a fun Easter activity for all the family? Use these free printable Easter egg hunt clues from Nurture Store!

Photo: Dresses and Dinosaurs

This Easter Egg scavenger hunt is a creative twist on a regular Easter egg hunt! Use this easy free printable from Dresses and Dinosaurs as a guide and take your Easter egg hunt to the next level!

16. Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt

Here are two Glow in the Dark Easter Egg Hunt ideas for you to check out!

Photo: Everyday Savvy

Your kids will think you are the coolest Mom ever for hosting a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt. This is the perfect family activity or if you have family coming into town that is staying overnight for Easter, what a fun way to keep the kids busy. Find out how at Everyday Savvy!

Photo: 422 Deals

Although originally conceived as a trick-or-treat alternative, a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt is especially fun around its namesake holiday. Blacklight flashlights make this unusual egg hunt even more enjoyable and memorable for the kids! Check it out at 422 Deals

What to Fill Easter Eggs Instead of Candy

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids Easter egg with flower

We all associate Easter with lots of treats we fill inside the eggs. But here are some creative ideas for non-candy Easter egg fillers!

17. Activity Eggs

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids baking activity with mom

Similar to the Easter egg coupons, fill your eggs with fun activities the kids would enjoy. Some activity ideas can be “Bake a cake with mom,” or “Set up a tent and camp out in the living room,” or anything that kids don’t usually do. 

To ensure that these activities would be a hit, have the kids make a list and put each one as your Easter egg filler.

18. Beauty Parlor Easter Eggs

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids beauty parlor activity for kids

This unique Easter egg filler would appeal to your kids who are fond of getting dolled up. Put small makeup samples, face paint, nail polish, clips, or hair pieces inside plastic eggs. Have a fun beauty parlor activity as they use the beauty stash they got at the end of the egg hunt.

19. Lego Easter Eggs

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids Lego as Easter egg filler

For all the Lego lovers, this indoor Easter egg hunt filler is a surefire hit! Put Lego pieces inside the plastic eggs. Let the kids assemble the pieces they received at the end of the egg hunt. Give a special prize to the one who can create the best Lego craft!

20. Golden Ticket Egg Hunt

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids golden tickets as Easter egg fillers

An awesome idea for a non-candy Easter egg filler is a golden ticket! Make some special golden tickets using glitter. Prepare some prizes for the gold ticket winners.

What to Hide Instead of Easter Eggs

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids non-candy egg filler toy for kids

Holding a unique Easter egg hunt at home means that you don’t have to use the usual Easter eggs. Here is a creative idea on what to hide instead of eggs for an indoor egg hunt!

21. Camouflage Eggs

This is an egg hunt “craftivity” from Catholic Icing! The kids loved creating camouflage eggs so much that it will definitely become an annual tradition!

Photo: Catholic Icing

Where to Hide Easter Eggs at Home

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids hiding Easter eggs under towels

These are 5 creative places to hide Easter eggs inside when you are hosting an Easter Egg Hunt from Ottawa Mommy Club. The most creative way to hide Easter eggs inside for an Easter Egg Hunt is to think outside of the box and remember what age groups are participating in the Easter Egg Hunt.

Photo: Ottawa Mommy Club

Easter Egg Hunt Winners Certificate

Unique Easter Egg Hunt At Home for Kids Game Winners Certificate

After all the excitement of a fun and creative Easter egg hunt at home, giving each participant or game-winner an Easter Games Winners Certificate! Every child would want to receive a certificate from the Easter Bunny. This is a sweet reward for doing the hard work of hunting for Easter eggs at home.

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids

Unique Easter Egg Hunt at Home for Kids white funny egg among golden eggs

Easter egg hunts don’t need to be lame just because we need to stay indoors. Using creative Easter egg hunt ideas would ensure that your kids will still enjoy a new normal Easter celebration. Have a fun Easter egg hunt at home!

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