Cool Countdown to Summer Vacation Free Printable

Countdown to Summer Vacation

Summer is coming! Kids are excited for the end of the school year. They are likely asking you how many days until school break. Help them out with this Countdown to Summer Vacation free printable! It’s a cool tool to mark off each day to let them know how many days till summer vacation starts. Think how much fun the kids will have with this free activity!

End of School Countdown

printable countdown 2 pages

Kids will always be excited about the end of the school year. There is a lot of countdown ideas to help them mark off each day until school break starts. This free printable Countdown to Summer Vacation is one such great idea!

It comes in a cool popsicle theme that kids can mark off each day until their break. They can look forward to marking off the final day of the printable countdown with the colorful popsicles at the end!

How Many Days Until Summer?

To help kids count down the days until vacation, this countdown comes in 2 PDF downloadable sheets: a 15-day printable and a 10-day printable.

15 Days to Summer

Starting 15 days until the school year ends, give the kids this 15-day free printable sheet. 

15 Days to Summer printable

10 Days to Vacation

Starting 10 days before the start of their school holiday, give them this 10-day free printable sheet.

10 Days to Summer printable

How to Use the Vacation Countdown Printable

Follow these steps to have an exciting school counting down to vacation:

  • Choose between the 15-day and 10-day start of the summer break printable. 
  • Print in 8.5″ x 11″ regular paper or card stock. 
  • To make it a reusable printable, laminate the page or put inside protective plastic sheets. (Optional)
  • Put it up on their wall, table, or door so they can easily see it.
  • Give kids markers or stickers to mark off one popsicle picture on the sheet starting from #15 for Day 15 or #10 for Day 10.
  • Mark off each day until vacation day. 
Summer Mark Off Each Day

Countdown to Summer Vacation Free Printable

Enjoy your Countdown to Summer Vacation printable! Your kids will have an exciting anticipation of their holiday!

Download it FREE printable now!

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Countdown to summer vacation free printable


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