100 Things To Put In Easter Eggs {That Aren’t Candy!}

easter eggs, things to put in plastic easter eggs


easter eggs, things to put in plastic easter eggs

What do you put inside besides candy?

Easter is coming! This means preps for the Egg Hunt is on the horizon. Here in the Philippines, we usually use hard boiled eggs which we paint and decorate the night before Easter. We hide them under bushes (if outdoors) or inside vases (if indoors). Then we mash the eggs and make egg sandwiches out of them.

But plastic Easter Eggs are also fun to use. You can put anything you want inside them as prizes when they are found during the Egg Hunt. Usually this means candy, pretty much like Halloween candy hoarding. If you don’t want your kids to have that sugar rush afterwards, try putting these creative, non-candy treats inside the plastic eggs. Plus you’ll have as much fun as they when you put the prizes inside them and watch them go “ooh” and “ahh” when they discover their little prizes.

Have fun with 100 Things To Put Inside Easter Eggs (That Aren’t Candy)!


Easter Egg Hunts are so fun. I remember when my daughter was really little and she would get maybe one or two eggs before all the big kids snatched them up. Now she’s a pro, and brings home piles and piles of them. The problem is, they are filled with candy! I think Easter almost brings more candy into my house than Halloween! There’s no need to stuff your eggs with candy! Check out these one-hundred OTHER things you can stuff your eggs with. And, happy hunting!


Source: Totally The Bomb


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