10 Indoor Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

indoor easter egg hunt, easter egg hunt, easter

easter egg hunt, easter egg, easter

: Why not?


Who says that has to be outdoors? You can have more fun doing an Indoor Easter Egg Hunt!

You’ll have more hiding places to make it more exciting. Plus instead of putting the usual candy treats inside them, you can put in activities or exercises to follow. Pretty much like a treasure hunt where they find clues to get to the next egg. Or put glow sticks inside, turn off the house lights and for sure the kids would go crazy running around the house finding each glowing egg.

Try some of these Indoor Easter Egg Hunt ideas and have as much fun creating them and watching the kids have an amazing time this Easter.


Spring weather can be pretty unpredictable, but that shouldn’t stop you from planning a fun Easter egg hunt for the kids. To ensure your hunt doesn’t get rained or snowed on (literally), here are 10 indoor ideas to celebrate the holiday.



Source: Huffingtonpost

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