Why Is Reading Books For Kids Important?

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reading books for toddlers, toddler reading books, storytelling timeWhy is important?

Reading books has always been an important part of our lives. Now that we have our son, Joshua, we want him to appreciate them just like we do. We want to be a family of “bookworms” so we exposed Joshua to books as early as 2 months old. As he grew older, we would have regular “Read A Book” sessions which he always looked forward to.

Now that he is in Preschool, he has more activities and opportunities to learn new words. That shouldn’t stop us from having our regular book reading time. Reading books for kids at home reinforces what he has learned in school. So we, parents, have a major role to play in ensuring that our kids will have an appreciation for learning through reading books.

Here is an interesting article that shows you just how important reading books for kids truly is. Just imagine, you not only teach your kids but also have great bonding moments with them. Snuggle and enjoy!


Long before they understand a single word, most babies love to hear their parents read out loud. After all, storytime combines some of your child’s favorite things: snuggles, interesting pictures, fascinating sounds…and, of course, you.

Source: What To Expect

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