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Kids’ Ideas!

We’re moving to a new house! Joshua is getting his own room even though he still co-sleeps with us in the Master Bedroom. Meantime, we will use his room as his playroom for all his toys and study room for doing his assignments. But an important part of his room will be a kid’s nook where we can do our “Read A Book” time.

I am really excited to do this project as this would help encourage Joshua to be a book worm where he has his own space to lose himself in a good book. To help me design this special space in his room, here are 25 Cute and Cozy Kids’ Reading Nooks from Babble.com. They are all so cute and so easy to create, it’s so hard for me to choose which one to make for Joshua. I’m sure he’ll have a great time making use of his new special place.

Go ahead, make a reading nook for your own child!


Making a designated reading space helps kids wind down from all the other fun distractions around. Start by sectioning off a space with a curtain, canopy or bookcase. Add some pillows and cushions to make it extra comfy. Check out the many ways these families have created a special reading space for their kids in these 25 Cute and Cozy Kids’ Reading Nooks…


Source: Babble.com

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