Unique Birthday Cakes For Baby and Toddler

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birthday, birthday cakes, birthday cake ideas July… ‘Tis the season for birthdays in my family of 3! I just celebrated my 45th last week and Joshua’s 3rd is coming up this weekend. So I’m a busy, busy bee!

A won’t be complete without a . Joshua especially loves blowing out the candles because he’s used to having a “monthly birthday” ever since he was born. Yep, we still celebrate his birth every month so that’s about 35 cakes since then. Oh how our hips have grown wider because of these celebrations hehe!

The 36th Birthday Cake is coming up and my sisters, the bakers/cake decorators, have their work cut out for them to make this one special. Joshua loves “Jake And The Neverland Pirates” so that’s going to be this year’s birthday theme. Good thing my sister, Agie, traveled to the US a month ago so she was able to get cake toppers of the Disney cartoon. These are not available here in Manila and if they were, they would be quite pricey.

I went “ingredients shopping” with my sister, Mia, at Chocolate Lovers, the 1-stop shop for all bakers. I zoomed in on the gold chocolate coins and thought it would be great to add it to the pirate themed cake as a treasure. We’ll also use them as cupcake toppers for Joshua’s school party 2 days after. We also got some ship/ocean themed toppers to go with the gold coins on the cupcakes. His classmates are gonna love it. It’s gonna be awesome!

Since I can’t share with you yet the pictures of Joshua’s birthday cake and cupcakes, here are some great ideas for your child’s birthday cake. It goes from simply cute to jaw dropping awesome. I hope you get inspired by these pictures so you can have ideas for your child’s next birthday party. These cakes will surely make your birthday boy/girl smile!


You’re getting older, baby! A birthday is mama’s opportunity to celebrate her little one and get creative with her party-planning ideas, and the birthday cake may be the biggest detail on mama’s party-planning to-do list. Whether mom’s a baker and creates her confection from scratch or heads to the bakery with her vision in mind, get inspired for your little one’s next birthday with these 73 unique, whimsical, and fabulous birthday cakes for baby and tot!


Source: Pop Sugar Moms

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