birthday party, birthday party place, birthday party package, birthday party placeJoshua’s 3rd is coming up and we’ve already decided on this year’s theme: “Jake And The Neverland Pirates.” His birthday cake and school party cupcakes will be done by his Ninangs (Godmothers), my sisters the bakers/cake decorators.

We still haven’t decided on where to celebrate it. We want it simple, just the family and his Ninangs/Ninongs (Godparents). He’ll be celebrating it again in school 2 days later with Happy Meals and cupcakes. So where do we dine “On D Day” where they will accommodate us blowing his own birthday cake? I’ll let you know where we’ll end up next time haha!

Meantime, should you decide to go the whole 9 yards for your own child’s birthday party, here are some options for you to choose from: 20 Birthday Party Packages in Metro Manila.

Is it a fun, fab and fuss-free party you seek for your child’s birthday?  Look no further.  Here are twenty hip birthday party packages for kids from some of mega Manila’s most well-liked and familiar dining spots.


Source: The Asian Parent


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