“Tamad Ka!” & Other Ways You’re Unknowingly Bullying Your Child At Home

bullying your child, bullying
bullying your child, bullying
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? “No way!”  Or so you thought…

Children are like sponges. They will absorb everything they hear and remember it. This is how they learn: from sight, smell, taste, touch and especially hearing. So we as parents should be careful what we say because they remember it and emulate it. Sometimes we get so tired and impatient that we shout things like, “Tamad ka!” (You are lazy) or “Ang tanga mo naman!” (You are stupid) or “Salbahe ka!” (You are bad). What we don’t know is that it’s the same as bullying your child.

We always think of bullying as something done in school by our kids’ classmates. If this happens, we go ballistic and rush to the principal to report it and demand it be corrected. But what if the bullying happens at home, by you the parent? To whom does the child run to? They end up resenting us and much worse, they grow up and repeat the same mistake to their own peers and children. Now that’s a vicious cycle.

Here is an interesting article that will help correct this so you don’t end up bullying your child. It lists down the things we parents unconsciously do that ultimately causes our children to have low self-esteem, to be resentful and worse, to end up being bullies themselves. Awareness is the key so we will be more careful with our words and actions towards our children.

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Finding out that one’s child is being bullied will alarm any parent. But an Inquirer article warns about parents unknowingly bullying their own children.


Source: The Asian Parent

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