7 Empowering Things To Say To Your Child

empowering things to say to your child

empowering things to sayWhat are the everyday?





“I love you!” is top on the list of empowering  to ensure they grow up to be successful in life.

We grew up in a non-demonstrative family where “I love you” wasn’t really said. We didn’t hug nor kiss. It was the old, traditional way of raising kids that my parents knew. But this doesn’t mean we didn’t become successful in life nor did we bear any resentment to our parents. We just had to be tougher and deal with our own issues as we grew older.

How we raise our own children is different today. We fill their hearts with much affection, hugs, kisses and “I love you” everyday. We notice that they are affectionate in return and nothing beats getting a huge hug, a slobbering kiss and a loud declaration of “I love you, Mama!” That’s our reward.

Here are a few more to your child that will make them grow to be great people and parents in the future. Click the article below:


But more than just showering them with compliments, the important things they need to hear are words which teach them to trust themselves and to trust their parents’ love for them.


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Source: The Asian Parent

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