Setting Up a Playroom So your Child will Play with Their Toys!

playroom, toys, organizing toys

playroom, toys, organizing toys

I’m pretty sure that every household that has a child has an area where they can play, be it in their own room or in the living room or whatever space that’s designated as their “.” And I’m also sure that this area is most likely cluttered with toys and books and other stuff kids like to play with. This drives moms nuts!

So how do you declutter their “Playroom?” You can’t exactly just throw everything or donate those unused toys. If your child is like my 3-year old, he still keeps looking for those toys which were given to him when he was only a few months old. It’s like he has this power radar that tracks everything in his play area.

This could be a real problem because you end up with a ton of toys underfoot! (Literally and figuratively hehe!)

This article shared by another mom tells of how she was successful in decluttering and organizing her son’s Playroom. In a nutshell, it’s all about making things “eye level” to your child so he can see his toys and play with them. Plus, rotate these toys at intervals so all of them can get some action. Meaning, you don’t have to put everything out for him to play with. (Guilty!) Simple storage solutions can be used, you don’t have to break the bank to get them.

What matters most is that your child gets to really “play” in their playroom. That’s why it’s called that name haha!


My son has been driving my husband and I batty recently.  I know that sounds bad, but he has been having a very difficult time playing independently, and therefore always under foot. He wants to be where we are and wants us play with him all day long.


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