10 Steps to Winning an Argument With Your 3-Year-Old

3 year old, threenager, winning an argument

3 year old, threenager, winning an argument

I have a 3-year old! Do I ever win an argument with him? Once! I decided to act like another 3-year old and stooped to his level. (Not my proudest moment tho!)

We were doing Joshua’s assignment for the day and he wouldn’t listen. He was easily distracted and wouldn’t focus on the lesson. Mommy, trying to be patient, kept cajoling him to look at his notebook and answer the question. Hmmm, come to think of it, the lesson was quite difficult to comprehend for a 3-year old. It was all about knowing what object comes after a sequence of objects. I was sooo tempted to just answer the lesson myself haha!

Finally, losing my patience, Mommy closed the notebook and stopped the lesson. Joshua kept asking me, “Mama, open this?” showing me a pillbox. I kept answering, “Ayaw!” (I don’t like!) Just like how he would answer me when I asked him, “Let’s do your assignment.” We kept at it, saying “Ayaw!” alternately haha! Plus I ignored him, had a pout to my face and played with his puzzles. This really got his attention big time!

Until finally I said, “Mama is sad. You don’t want to answer your assignment. Do you want Mama sad?” To which he answered “No.”  So I went for the kill, “Can we do your assignment now, please?” And it worked haha!

Sometimes changing tactics works to win an argument with a 3-year old.

How else do you win? Read this article which shows 10 Steps To Winning An Argument With Your 3-Year Old. It’s quite hilarious!

No offense, but if you are having to search this topic, I worry about your abilities to follow through. I mean, you obviously have hesitated and the opportunity is probably gone. You have lost the upper hand. Still, read the tips and retain them for the next “episode.” However, chances are you have already lost this one.


Source: Huffington Post

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