Pre-Reading and Reading Activities for Preschoolers

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How do you teach your kids to love ? Hubby and I are bookworms and we want our son, Joshua, to be one as well. We started exposing Joshua to books when he was only 2 months old. He loved looking at the pictures. When he was a toddler, we moved on to a “Read A Book Time” which we do every morning. It was our very own bonding time.

We started with “My 1st 100 Words” book. I would point at pictures in the book, ask him “What’s this?” and name them. Being a gifted “parrot,” Joshua would copy everything I would say. That’s how he started to learn how to talk properly (no baby talk). Now we’ve moved on to “My 1000 Words” book since he already memorized the old book. Now he’s the one who asks me, “What’s this?” and he answers himself hehe! He’s the teacher and so Mommy now ends up being the parrot.

I also let him choose the books he wants to read for our “Read A Book Time.” He would pile them all up on his little table excitedly. Instead of reading the words in the book though, he prefers it if I tell him the story in my own words. It’s like he wants to know the gist of each page, not the actual long words. Then he ends up telling me the story after each page turn. He particularly likes “My Jumbo Book of Bible” Old and New Testament because of all the stories in it.

One time during Holy Week, all the shows on TV were about the Bible. When he saw Moses part the Red Sea, he was sooo excited because he knew the story from his Bible book. He recounted the story of Moses while we watched the TV movie. It was very gratifying to see him so excited about from books. Looks like we have another bookworm in the house.

What activities can you do to encourage encourage your kids to love books? Here are 20 Pre-Reading and Reading Activities for you could try to help them learn how to read. They are actually slides from Warren County Preschool. These are very easy to follow and simple to recreate. Just try them one at a time until your child gets a hang of each activity.


Read to your child. This is the most powerful thing you can do to prepare your child to become a reader.


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