How To Celebrate Mother’s Day Quarantine Style

mother's day quarantine, mother's day lockdown, mother's day

Everything is still on lockdown. No stores or restaurants are open. So how do we celebrate Mother’s Day quarantine style? Here are some great ideas on how to celebrate the best mom in the world!

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This year’s celebrating Mom will definitely be unique from all the other years. We don’t have the resources to go buy a gift because stores are closed. We can’t treat Mom out to dinner because restaurants are closed.

But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hold Mother’s Day 2021 just because we are quarantined.

Here are some great ideas on how to celebrate our Moms even on lockdown!

1. Give Mom a Day Off

mother's day quarantine style, mother's day lockdown, mother's day

This is a glorious idea! I’m sure all moms will agree that having a day off from doing mom duties is bliss.

Dads, you are key to making this idea work! You will be the one to step up to the plate and do mom’s work. 

  • Cook breakfast
  • Wake the kids and feed them
  • Give kids a bath and dress them
  • Entertain the kids the whole day
  • Cook lunch and feed the kids
  • Put the kids down for a nap
  • Make snacks
  • Do the laundry and clean house
  • Cook dinner and feed everyone
  • Do all clean ups and the dishes
  • Give kids a bath and dress in Pj’s
  • Read the bedtime stories and put kids to bed

In short, do all chores, make the household decisions, and be in charge of kid-related activities for the day! Well, you can enlist your kids to help you out.

I bet your wives will remember this lovely day and love you more!

2. Make Breakfast in Bed

mother's day quarantine style, mother's day lockdown, mother's day

Surprise mom with a tray of goodies right in her bed. It will be such a luxury to eat breakfast while still laying down so she’s going to love this.

Now this surprise can be done in person or virtual. If you’re not in the same house, whip up breakfast, put it on a tray, give Mom a wake up video call and serve it virtual style.

Of course, she could end up salivating at you haha! So better ask someone who lives with her to cook up the breakfast to serve in her bed. Then eat it together through the video stream!

3. Whip up a 3 Course Meal

mother's day quarantine style, mother's day lockdown, mother's day

Can’t get to a restaurant for Mother’s Day? Treat Mom to a home cooked 3 course meal instead!

Check out your fridge for ingredients and whip something tasty. Making her dinner yourself will still feel fancy because you spent all the effort for her.

4. Deliver a Special Meal

Not together? Order take out food or have it delivered to Mom’s address. Then you can eat “together” virtually.

Or watch her wolf down the food you delivered to her place. Provide the stories to entertain her while having her special meal.

5. Prepare a Picnic 

mother's day quarantine style, mother's day lockdown, mother's day

Take out a picnic basket and fill it up with Mom’s favorite treats. Lay down a blanket on the Living Room floor. Have a picnic indoors!

This will also work virtual style if you can ask someone who lives with Mom to prepare the picnic basket for her. Then have a video call and enjoy your picnic “together!”

6. Cook or Bake Together

mother's day quarantine style, mother's day lockdown, mother's day

Yep, it’s still all about food! Mother’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a special meal after all.

Decide on a meal or dessert you will have as Mom’s treat for the day. It could be a family favorite recipe! Now’s your chance to let Mom teach you how to make it.

Cook or bake it together in the kitchen or via video call. It would still be fun making it together even if you can’t be together in person.

Helpful Resource:

Make these 9 irresistible Mother’s Day Cakes and Bakes!

7. Do a Home Day Spa

mother's day quarantine style, mother's day lockdown, mother's day

Pamper Mom with her very own spa treat at home. 

  • Give her a foot spa and let her soak her feet in a basin of warm water. Add essential oils for an added aromatherapy treat.
  • Give her a massage right in her bed. Use relaxing massage oils to soothe her aches away.
  • Give her a facial with beauty face masks. Make your own masks by using ingredients you have in your kitchen. 
  • Give her a mani-pedi treat. Treat her back for all those times she did your nails when you were growing up.

Helpful Resource:

Here’s how to set up A Relaxing Home Spa Party For Mother’s Day

Or make this Lavender Sugar Scrub for Mom’s bath!

8. Go Down Memory Lane

Bring out all those family albums and go down memory lane with Mom. Let her tell you about the stories behind each picture. 

You can still do this virtually over a video call. Let Mom show you each picture in the album through the screen. 

Have a laugh, have a cry. Store up all those memories together.

9. Watch a Movie Together

mother's day quarantine style, mother's day lockdown, mother's day

You have been spending so much time in front of the TV during this lockdown. Why not have a movie date with Mom?

Choose a movie, sit on the couch together, eat popcorn or sip hot chocolate while watching together.

Not living in the same house? Do a virtual movie date!

Schedule it so you can watch the movie at exactly the same time. Have your phone or gadget on video call so you can see each other’s reactions while watching.

Helpful Resource:

Here’s a list of 50+ Mother’s Day Movies To Watch With Mom This Year.

10. Read a Book Together

mother's day quarantine style, mother's day lockdown, mother's day

This might seem silly to you but you can read a book together to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Choose a book you and Mom love. Read the pages out loud, take turns or do it together.

Or you can agree to read a specific book. Have a “Book Club” type of discussion in person or in a video call. 

11. Have a Virtual Experience

mother's day quarantine style, mother's day lockdown, mother's day

Who says you can’t go around the world and go on tour during lockdown? Make Mother’s Day more special by going on a virtual experience with Mom.

Travel the World, tour Museums, visit the Zoo, watch Musicals, go on a Disney Ride! There are so many virtual experiences to choose from!

Helpful Resource:

This list of virtual experiences by Daily Caring is perfect for this! 

12. Bond with Easy Activities

Going around the world virtually not your cup of tea? How about just staying home and having fun and easy relaxing activities?

Bring out the jigsaw puzzles, playing cards or board games. Spending quality time with Mom is very important on this special day.

13. Decorate the House

mother's day quarantine style, mother's day lockdown, mother's day

Surprise Mom with decorations all around the house… Or her front door! 

Get out those art materials, flowers, ribbons and balloons ang decorate a room in the house. Just remember to clear up the clutter at the end of the day.

Or decorate Mom’s front door!

If you can’t set foot inside her house, surprise Mom when she opens her door to find your precious decor attached to it. 

You can make your own wreath or even just paper flowers and attach it to the door.

Helfpul Resource:

Learn how to decorate with this 3 Ingredients You Need for the Prettiest Ever Mother’s Day Brunch!

14. Create a Porch Party

You can sneak into Mom’s porch and set up a table with treats and decorations. Call her to come out and see her surprise.

You can watch her enjoy her treats from across the street and wave at each other!

15. Greet with Signs Across the Street

mother's day quarantine style, mother's day lockdown, mother's day

Can’t get too close? Make signs with special greetings on big placards. Go over to Mom’s house and stand across the street. Call her to come out the door.

When she does, raise the placards high and wave at her! She will surely have a blast reading your special messages.

16. Have a Photoshoot

Spend the entire Mom’s Day by taking pictures of her with the kids and grandkids. You can make your own photoshoot!

Have everyone dress up in their Sunday’s best or in a special theme or color attire. Get each child to pose with Mom, be it a serious one or a wacky pose. Click away!

For family photos, set up the camera on a tripod and use the timer or a remote to take the photo.

Nothing says “Mom” more resoundingly than pictures taken with her kids.

17. Gather the Family and have a Virtual Celebration

mother's day quarantine style, mother's day lockdown, mother's day

If family members live in different parts of the country, do a virtual celebration by going on a video call.

Just make sure you tell everybody the time they should get online on that call so no one will be late.

Tell funny family stories. Or tell Mom your best memory of her. Have a laugh or cry! Toast the woman who gave birth to all of you! 


For Mother’s Day quarantine style, wouldn’t you love to know what kids think about you?

Here are FREE “All About Mom” Questionnaire printables!

All About Mom Questionnaire Mother's Day gift for mom free printable

There is a printable questionnaire suitable for kids who can already write. And there is one for younger kids to draw in their answers.

Download and print them for the kids to answer. It would be more sentimental if you have them do this each year, their answers would be different for sure.

Keep them in a scrapbook or clear file. Look over them every Mother’s Day and feel the love!


Of course, Mother’s Day calls for a gift for Mom. But how will you get her one if you can’t even leave the house?

Yes, you can order a gift online. But what if it doesn’t get delivered in time?

Easy: Make your own gift for Mom!

Here are awesome DIY Mother’s Day gifts to make!

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To celebrate Mother’s Day, here are perfect gifts for Mom!

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Most of the DIY gifts for Mom above are crafts you and the kids can make. 

Here are more kid crafts which are perfect as gifts for Mom!


This special day for Moms won’t be complete without cards made and written by the kids. 

Here are great ideas of cards that kids can make for Mother’s Day!


Among all the selections included here, we chose these crafts do this year!

I am pretty excited to receive these as gifts from my son. And we have to make 2 versions so we can give Grandma, too!


  1. Celebrating Mother’s Day quarantine style doesn’t have to be sad. There are many ways to show Mom how much you appreciate her, personal or virtual style.
  2. Create gifts and cards for Mom as your token of love for her. Being on lockdown can bring out the creativity in you and the kids.
  3. This quarantine period is a good time to have a special bonding time with family, especially Mom on her special day. Don’t pass up this chance to spend time and do little treats for her.
  4. In this day and age of the digital world, it is not impossible to celebrate special occasions with the family even when you can’t be together in person. Use the internet, go on video calls, record your greetings, and celebrate with the family virtually. 
  5. Use these ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day quarantine style. Mom would be super happy as long as you are all together, in person or in digital form.
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mother's day quarantine, mother's day lockdown, mother's day


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing these fun ideas for Mother’s Day!! A home spa day sounds fabulous! Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day! ❤️

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