18 Healthy Snack Ideas for School Parties

healthy snack ideas, school party snacks

healthy snack ideas, school party snacks

Today Joshua will celebrate his birthday in school. It’s our 1st time to prepare a school party so everything is new to me. This is going to be the start of many school parties for years to come.

As per his preschool policy, we can only bring snacks during recess time, no games, no balloons. Birthday cake is allowed though and cupcake treats for his classmates. Plus the birthday boy gets to come to school in civilian clothes. Yey!

After having a fun and jam packed weekend celebrating Joshua’s birthday, good thing yesterday was declared a holiday so I had time to prepare for his school party. The usual go-to for kids’ parties? McDonalds! I headed to the nearest branch and talked to the manager. At first he didn’t want to give me the chicken nuggets and fries combination Happy Meal because 9am, Joshua’s recess time, was too early for this menu. They were still serving breakfast that time so chicken nuggets were not available yet. But I stood my ground and he finally agreed. Whew! I also got to pick the toys that go with the meal as give away for Joshua’s classmates. Snacks all set for delivery!

What about his cake? We’re bringing Joshua’s “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” boat cake which he refused to let us cut up on his birthday hehe (we ended up eating the island cake with Captain Hook and gold doubloons instead). My sister is preparing cupcakes with the same Pirates theme: gold doubloons and ships as cupcake toppers. Joshua will wear his “Jake” t-shirt to go with his party theme. All set!

You might be cringing at the thought of McDonald’s Happy Meals as school party snacks. My only defense is it’s my son’s favorite snack and his teacher gave me the “go ahead” to serve it. But if you prefer something healthier, here are some snack ideas for your child’s school party. Read on!


Ok, so now the ques­tion is, what to bring? Many par­ents are open to (and even happy about) the idea of cut­ting back on cup­cakes. But I can’t quite imag­ine show­ing up at school with a plate of plain apple slices. So I’ve com­piled a list of 18 fun and  healthy snack ideas for school  par­ties to get every­one started.

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