birthday party on a budget, birthday party, diy birthday party, low cost birthday partyWho says Birthday Parties need to be a major production that puts a major hole in the pocket? How about a ?

It doesn’t mean you don’t care less about your child if you want to adhere to a specific budget for their . It just shows that you are a practical parent who still wants to give the best for their kids.

Having a fun-filled party can be easy to accomplish with some creative juices. Here are some tips on how to accomplish this fun yet budgeted birthday party.  Enjoy!


Unless you’re a professional party planner, you probably face the prospect of organizing your kids’ birthday parties with a groan and a sigh. Where will the party take place? How many children should you invite? What will be the entertainment? And most of all, how much will it cost?


Source: Childparenting.about.com

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