Trick-or-Treat! 15 Homemade Bag & Bucket Ideas

trick or treat, halloween bags, trick or treat bags

trick or treat, halloween bags, trick or treat bags

! Where do you place your treats?


Halloween won’t be complete without Trick or Treat. You got your kids great costumes to parade in but where do they place their loot? Usually, it’s the plastic Jack-O’Lantern baskets which you see in stores everywhere. But wouldn’t you rather have your kids have one-of-a-kind loot bags?

Search around your house for cereal boxes, ice cream buckets, milk jugs, brown paper bags, paper bowls, paint buckets, pillowcases, canvas tote bags and even garbage bags. You’d be surprised at the creative of loot bags you’ll be able to make using them.

To read the full article, click on the link below. Happy looting!


Tired of the plastic pumpkin? Here are 15 creative trick-or- and buckets to make for the kids on their favorite night of the year — Halloween!



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