Things You Can Throw Out of Your Kids’ Rooms

things you can throw out

Too much clutter? Here’s a guide of of your kids rooms!


My son, Joshua, has hoards of stuff accumulated over his 3 years of existence. It’s difficult to donate or throw them away because he seems to know each item and look for them from time to time. But when we moved houses recently, it was my perfect chance to sort them out. It was hard and I wish I had a guide of things you can throw out to help me.

How did I sort Joshua’s stuff out? Toys that are duplicates, are missing parts, and hasn’t been played with in a long while I donated or threw out. Books that are more suited for younger tots I gave away. Clothes he has outgrown was handed down to a nephew and sons of our cleaning ladies. But he still has a loooot of stuff.

This article on Things You Can Throw Out Of Your Kids’ Rooms is a great and simple guide on how to sort out your kids’ stuff. Learn and purge!


When you have kids, it’s only natural that you also have a lot of stuff. So much stuff, in fact, that it’s hard to even know what’s worth keeping and what can be trashed, donated, or handed down. But, as difficult as it might be to say goodbye to your child’s tattered blanket or their 237th sketch of a tulip, it’s better you get it out of the way now than have to deal with it all over again in 20-odd years. Ready to get on with it? Use these tips to help clear out the four trickiest things in your kids’ rooms today.



Source: Popsugar Moms

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