The 1 Thing All Kids Want Most

So you think the is a toy? Think again!


I am guilty. I must admit that I would have answered “toy” if I were asked this question. That’s because my son, Joshua, is obsessed with receiving toys as reward, pasalubong (souvenir) and gift. I point at his Papa as the culprit for this because he usually has something to give Joshua when he comes home from work. I chided him that his son now shouts out, “Where’s my gift?” instead of “Hello Papa!” when he comes through the door. Bad habit!

So what is the 1 thing all kids want most?

Click on the link above and below to know the answer. It’s so simple! Follow the tips in the article on how you can best give this to your child.

1 thing all kids want most
Image from Popsugar Moms

News flash: the superexpensive toy with all the buttons and flashing lights isn’t the thing at the top of your kid’s wish list. What your little one really wants is something that doesn’t cost you a cent but is perhaps more difficult to provide than anything you can put on your credit card — it’s your time.


Source: Popsugar Moms


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