Packing Lists For Babies And Children

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what to pack for kids, traveling with kids, packing for kidsThe biggest headache of is the packing. It takes me several hours to pack for my toddler, Joshua, than my own travel bag. From clothes to diapers to milk bottles to toys… The list goes on! And that is the most important key: Make a list!

For this trip to Baguio, I didn’t have much time to pack because of several errands and activities prior to the trip. So when I had a chance, I made a list of  “Things to pack” for Joshua and a separate list for myself on my cellphone. At least I was assured that I had a guide when it was time to pack. Less chances of forgetting something important and less stress packing.

This time around, I made the list very detailed, like “Travel shirt going to Baguio, x2 (1 to wear and 1 as standby in his bag in case we need an emergency change of clothes), Socks x4, Diapers x14, Travel shirt coming home x2, etc.” It’s like you’re going through the list like a robot because you already know what type of item you need and how many. See I’m a bit O.C. (obsessive compulsive) when it comes to details and this includes making sure his top and bottom clothes match , and that they should also match his “standby” clothes. So this makes packing a really time-consuming task for me.

My sister suggested I keep the lists I make every time we travel as a guide list. Like a list for overnight stays, a list for a 2 nights stay, etc. What a great idea! This will surely save me the trouble of coming up with new “Things to pack” lists every time. I’ll just need to adjust the type of items depending on the season/weather of the place we’re going to.

To help you with your own “Things to pack” list, here’s an article that not only gives you a list for babies and toddlers that includes airplane kits and travel toys, it also includes lists for grown-up travel and baby gear rentals. They are printable so no need to copy them. Enjoy!


Never forget your toothbrush again! Whether you’re taking off on a family vacation with the kids, escaping on a romantic getaway, or you’re traveling for business—the Travel Mamas Packing Lists for babies and children and beyond will help you stay organized. We take the worry out of remembering all of the little details needed for travel so you can focus on fun.


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