Kids Having Emotional Meltdowns?

toddler meltdown, tantrum


toddler meltdown, tantrumKids Having Emotional Meltdowns?

Don’t know how to deal with it?
The secret is knowing what to do even before the starts. Once that face scrunches up into an ugly cry, you know a meltdown is coming up. I found an article which might help you arm yourself in dealing with such emotional moments…

Aren’t you amazed at how seemingly random things can send our kids into a complete emotional meltdown?

It doesn’t matter whether the child is 4 or 14.

In the moments before a meltdown it’s the face scrunching that gives it away.

As body language goes it’s all out there, up front and very personal. A clear signal that your child is very sad and needs your help to cope with the rush of unbearable feelings.

But in the heat of the meltdown, emotions run high. For us parents too. So what’s the best way to cool down the situation without clamping down the emotions?


Source: A Fine Parent

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