How Do I Stop My Toddler from Throwing Things?

toddler throwing things

toddler throwing thingsThrowing things has always been a problem with my , Joshua. Everything he gets his hands on, he throws. After reading a bunch of parenting articles, I realized he just wants to explore and find out how things work. What happens when he throws a toy, does it fly? Does it fall? It’s also because he didn’t know how to communicate yet so sometimes he throws things to get attention.

I noticed that it gets better as he grows older. By now, at almost 3 years old, he can speak in sentences and able to communicate. So throwing things has lessened.

A subscriber asked me how to handle this toddler problem. I share with you an article from Toddler Approved that gives valuable tips on dealing with toddlers throwing things.


Parents often ask for tips regarding toddlers who throw sippy cups and toys or throw food or other objects. A few weeks ago my toddler started throwing things at people.

Today I am going to share some simple tips for helping your toddler stop throwing things! These are some of the strategies that we’ve been using with my toddler that have been helpful.

Source: Toddler Approved

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