Halloween Traditions for the Family

halloween traditions, halloween tips, trick or treat, halloween explained

halloween traditions, halloween tips, trick or treat, halloween explained

Do you have have in your family?


First off, do you know what is all about? Where did this holiday come from? Why do we go Trick or Treating? Why wear costumes? Why decorate the house with Jack O’Lanterns? Why honor ghosts, witches and scary things during this season?

This season is a bit “controversial” here in the Philippines because being a predominantly Catholic country, people are wary about celebrating ghosts and other paranormal characters. Still, this tradition of wearing costumes and Trick or Treating continues. Why? Because it’s fun! Not only is it a holiday for kids, adults enjoy wearing out of this world costumes and partying.

This article from Parents.com answers these questions about Halloween. Find out how this holiday and all its activities came about. There are tips on how to decorate, create costumes and stay safe celebrating this season. Create your own family tradition during this season. You get a once a year license to wear your fantasy costume, eat as much candy as you want and most of all, have fun!

Read the article by clicking on the link below. Enjoy your new family tradition this season!

The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are falling, and store shelves are stocked with costumes and plenty of candy. Halloween is almost here! How much do you know about this beloved holiday? “Treat” yourself to a tour of Halloween traditions, from its historical roots to modern celebration ideas to helpful safety tips.


Read full article here Halloween Traditions for the Family

Source: Parents.com

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