Great Make-Ahead Healthy Breakfast Ideas

make ahead healthy breakfast, healthy breakfast

make ahead healthy breakfast, healthy breakfast

Breakfast always rush? Try these ideas!


If you’re anything like my family, breakfast is always a struggle because my 3-year old takes ages to eat and we have to get him to school in a rush. Even if I wake him up over an hour earlier, he still takes his sweet time to even start eating. So most of the time, we end up just giving him a milk bottle to make up for lost time. 

So why not make breakfast ahead? These recipes are great for making ahead, storing and thawing/heating when you need them. These would surely save on time and avoid all the rush in the morning. Plus they are healthy and great tasting so your kids would gobble them up faster.

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These super quick breakfast recipes take a bite out of the a.m. angst.


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