6 steps to dealing with a toddler’s morning tantrums

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Joshua was very excited to go to school for the 1st 2 weeks of preschool. But lately, he has been balking, stalling in bed, not wanting to shower. Either something was happening in school that he wasn’t very happy about or he’s just being a typical difficult toddler.

One thing that seem to help him get moving was if I let him snuggle in bed with me for several minutes before getting up. I would rub his back, tickle him and we hug and kiss. Afterwards, it would be easier to convince him to take his shower so we could go to school.

You having problems getting your toddler do her ? in the morning is not a very good way to start your day. This article talks about 6 steps to dealing with morning tantrums. In a nutshell, it says “Go Back To Basics.” Read on to learn more.

Q: My wife and I have been having quite a struggle dressing our 2-year-old daughter in the morning and getting her moving. We’re not sure if she’s just simply not a morning person or if there’s something we might be doing wrong. It’s not every day, but most days she starts flailing her arms and legs, screaming “no, no, no!” until the entire process is over. What can we do?


Source: The Washington Post

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