5 Ways to Trick Your Toddler Into Doing What You Want

toddler do what you want, toddler following you


toddler do what you want, toddler following you

Sometimes I call my toddler, Joshua, “Hitler.” Why? Because he likes ordering everyone around him to follow what he wants. His usual target? His aunts and cousin who live with us. We call them his “minions” hehe! Funny thing is, they willingly follow his orders which always includes “Group hug!” Wouldn’t you follow?

Now there is a way to turn the tables around, have the toddler follow you without too much of a fuss. This offers ways to “trick” them into doing what you want. I use and 5 all the time and it works!

Sometimes toddlers are going to have tantrums and there won’t be a whole lot you can do aside from just riding it out. But most of the time there are ways you can navigate the dicey waters of negotiation with a pint-sized dictator. Here are a few things I do to get my little one to do what I want.


Source: Babble.com

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