23 Halloween Fun Ideas For Kids To Try

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Kids bored after all the Trick or Treating? Try these !


So it’s Halloween season and it’s now semestral break for most kids here in the Philippines. That means they are at home driving mom nuts haha! Once the fun costume and Trick or Treating is done, what is there left to do? Here are Halloween fun ideas for kids that will surely keep them occupied for a few precious hours… Enough time for some “me” mommy time!

Warning: it can get messy! Fun ideas from making pumpkin volcanos, bubbling slime, Jack O’Lantern squish bags, flying tea bag ghosts, monster slime, fizzing eyeballs… You get the picture! Plus get some great ideas on what to do with your leftover candy. It will teach your kids to experiment and discover the wonders of Science at home.

You will surely love these Halloween fun ideas for kids! Happy experimenting!

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Get ready for a lot of messy fun this Halloween with deliciously ewwwy monster slime, play dough brain surgery, pumpkin goop, melting hands, candy experiments, spooky noise makers, fizzing eyeballs and so much more. Ooodles of inspiring Halloween home science ideas and seasonal recipes for play to make the most of Halloween for the kids this year.


Source: Kids Activities Blog

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