16 Shaving Cream Art For Kids

shaving cream art for kids

shaving cream art for kids

Who knew could be fun activity ideas for kids?


“You’re gonna miss some of your shaving cream, Hon.” I tell my husband after reading this article.

I’m really excited to try these creative activities using shaving cream with Joshua. I never realized it has many other uses aside from making our husbands look handsome in the morning.

I’m amazed that you can make these creative things and many more!

Sand Foam

sand foam, shaving cream art


Puffy Paint

puffy paint, shaving cream art

Marble Paper

marble paper, shaving cream art

Erupting Snow

erupting snow, shaving cream art

Rain Clouds

shaving cream art, rain clouds

Decorate Easter Eggs

easter eggs, shaving cream art, decorate easter eggs

I’m especially excited to try the Bath Tub Paint because Joshua loves to play while I bathe him

bathtub paint, shaving cream art

Plus we can use it to do his Handwriting Practice

handwriting practice, shaving cream art


Gotta start making these creative shaving cream art now! Click on the Pictures above or the Title Link below!


Art, science experiments, pretend play… your little ones can get a lot out of one can of shaving cream. We have 16 creative ideas that simply blew our minds. And we hope these will impress your kids, too.


Source: HuffPost Parents Canada


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