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For some of you, your kids’ school year is about to start soon. So here comes the same problem you face everyday: What to pack for lunch? It should be fun yet healthy. So how do you find the balance?

Here are 12 Fun and Healthy Lunch Ideas to give you a jump start on the school year. I’d like to try some of these recipes for Joshua’s school snack like the Pizza Buns and BLT Wraps. Hmm… I could use these for Hubby’s lunch as well!


We know it’s on your mind, right next to school supplies, carpools and new sneakers— lunch for the little ones. Get a kick start on the school year with 12 nutritious, and (dare we say?) adventurous meals that are anything but boring. From sandwich alternatives to looking at leftovers in a new way, the only thing these recipes need are little lunchtime love notes.


Source: Red Tricycle

Photo Source: Momables

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