10 Brilliant Travel Hacks For Traveling With Kids

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travel hacks, traveling with kids, tips for traveling with kidsHooray, we’re in Baguio! Since Joshua has a 3-day school break because of the holidays, we decided to head off to the City of Pines.

So what happened during our 4.5 hour road trip? As expected, Joshua was full blast in his pointing at everything he sees on the way, “Look! A bridge!” to “Look! A bird!” all in full volume. We were able to entertain him by teaching him the Tagalog translations of the objects he was pointing at. “Bridge? Tulay!” to “Bird? Ibon!” So it became a pretty educational road trip.

He finally slept on the last hour of the trip at the zigzag road. So we finally got some peace and quiet hehe!

How about you, how do you make  stress free? Here are some great tips and hacks to make traveling with kids a breeze!


Whether you’re taking a road trip or venturing to the airport for a flight to the Bahamas, traveling with kids can be overwhelming and stressful. But it doesn’t have to be! Check out some of these brilliant hacks to make your vacation fun for everyone.


Source: Life As Mama

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