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My picture with my son, Joshua, at 6mos

My own “mommy journey” started in my late 30’s. I was busy as an Interior Designer by profession. I had my own interior design company but after 10 years, I closed it down. Why? I wanted to be a mother. I was turning 40 and the clock was definitely ticking.

So to make a long story short, after several rounds of infertility treatments, my husband and I decided to do IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) in Taiwan. After 1 failed IVF round and then doing FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) on our 2nd round, we finally became parents to a beautiful baby boy named Joshua. He was supposed to be a part of twins but his brother lost his heartbeat in utero. Boohoo! But we were still happy that we have a son. A child is the most precious gift anyone could ever receive!

I was 42 when I became a mommy. But the journey to parenthood continues… And now he’s a toddler! I relish every minute of being mommy!

My difficult journey to becoming a mother is the reason why I am so passionate about parenting. This site will deal with the ups and downs, tips and tricks, joys and pains, challenges and rewards of parenting. I hope this site will be able to help you along in navigating thru this strange world called “Parenthood.”


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