Celebrating your child’s birthday soon? I’m sure you’re searching for all possible party venue options to hold it. Here are Top 10 kiddie party venues in Metro Manila to choose from!
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This is Joshua’s 3rd Birthday this year and we’d like to keep it simple. His 1st Birthday had all the bells and whistles, his 2nd Birthday was at Hong Kong Disneyland. After all that stress preparing for both birthdays 2 consecutive years, we’re toning it down a lot.

We’re celebrating his 3rd Birthday with a day trip to Manila Ocean Park and an overnight stay at Hotel H2O beside it. Being such an animal (shark!) lover, I’m sure he’ll have a great time on his birthday.

But if you plan to have the whole she-bang for your child this year, here are 10 in Metro Manila which you could consider celebrating it in. I think we’ve got several years to go before we consider doing another big party on Joshua’s 7th Birthday. These venues would be great options to celebrate it.

This is the first question because of practical reasons: the venue or events place for your upcoming kiddie party will have an effect on such matters as the theme, the logistics, the suppliers (some venues only allow a certain set of suppliers), the caterer, and ultimately, the costing or fee for styling the event.


Source: Michelle Lao 

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