Solve Potty Training Problems: Spot 4 Potty Resistant Personalities

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Tried yet?

I’m still looking for signs that Joshua is ready to be trained. It’s really not about age, it’s about readiness… and personality.

Here are 4 Potty Resistant Personalities to look out for so you’ll know how to Solve . Based on the choices, it looks like Joshua will fall under the “Absent Minded Professor” category…

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As parents, we all wish our kids would breeze through potty training on the first try. But let’s face it. It can take several attempts and some kids do great at the beginning and then start having accidents again. It’s common for setbacks to occur during stressful times… But if you’ve struggled and failed to toilet train your child, there are 4 potty-resistant personalities to be on the lookout for.


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