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 Need cool DIY for your kids’ classroom party? Here’s 59!


It’s February 1! January went by sooo fast and the next big thing to hit this month is .

Of course, Heart’s Day is expected to be the one sweet occasion for lovers and spouses. But who says kids can’t celebrate it, too? In fact, they have more Valentines than their parents with the many classmates and teachers they are connected with. So make this day extra special, make your kid stand out by making these creative DIY Valentine’s Day cards for their class.

Most of these cards come with printables so they are so easy to make. Plus they don’t really have to include sweets in it to get the message across. Some even use socks, friendship bracelets, bubbles and glow sticks to make it more fun. Score points for your kid by not contributing to a trip to the dentist.

Happy crafting!


Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it, but before heading to the store, consider simply firing up your printer! With a few clicks of the mouse and a little crafting glue, you and your tot can create beautifully handmade cards that will stand out from the crowd. Best of all, most of our fabulous finds don’t require candy additions — moving mom and tot straight to the head of the class for following the teachers’ directions.


Source: Popsugar.com

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