Creative Birthday Party Ideas: Crafts, Activities, More

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birthday party ideas, creative birthday party, birthday partyIt’s Joshua’s Birthday! He turned 3 today, hooray! I hope to be rid of “The Terrible Twos” stage for good. But the next stage might be just as bad… “The Threen-ager!” Who comes up with these titles anyway? Haha! I hope we survive this stage as we leave behind “The Terrible Twos.”

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, we don’t plan on giving Joshua a big party. Instead, we’re celebrating it with a day trip to Manila Ocean Park and an overnight stay at Hotel H2O beside it. That would be enough fun for him because he loves animals and still hates crowds and loud noises (that’s why we don’t attend kiddie parties). A big bonus for him would be the wall-to-wall aquarium in our hotel room. I hope he goes to sleep tho…

If we were to give him a , this article would surely be a “must read” and “must follow” for me. It has a lot of creative and fun ideas to ensure a fun party. Tips from party favors, games, gifts up to DIY face painting! I hope you get to do some of them for your child’s party!

The creative , tips, and projects shared here will not only help you save money but also time. You will find everything from printable birthday party invitations and party supplies to craft and activity ideas for many popular birthday party themes.



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