Easy DIY Father’s Day Gift Surprise For Husband

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We celebrated Father’s Day using some ideas from my blog post, How to Celebrate Father’s Day Quarantine Style. The lockdown didn’t stop us from honoring the dad in our life. And for the gift, we made a unique and easy DIY Father’s Day gift surprise for husband. It was a huge hit! Check out how we did it!

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Father’s Day Celebration Ideas During Lockdown

For this year’s celebration, we used a few ideas from my blog post to make Father’s Day special:

Give Dad Space

First off, we let my husband have his space for the entire day. No interruptions.

He spent his day watching his Korean Drama on Netflix because he is a Kdrama fan.

He also got to sleep the whole afternoon away!

Order Takeaway

Japanese takeaway food for father's day

Hubby had Japanese food in mind to celebrate his day so we decided to order takeaway.

And I was mightily shocked that I could hardly find anyone to accept my order! Turns out, they get fully booked with orders days in advance for Father’s Day.

Finally, after much searching, I got some establishments to accept my orders. Whew!


  1. Don’t wait til the last minute to order takeaway food. 
  2. Try to get delivery as much as possible to save on time and effort on your part
  3. If for pick-up, schedule them at the same time so you only need to go out once.

Serve Dad’s Favorite Dinner

Father's Day Favorite Dinner

We served my husband’s favorite Japanese dinner alright! 

From the California Maki sushi, Tempura and Sushi Bake to the home cooked Beef Misono (Although this was actually Korean Bulgogi style hehe) plus Japanese Fried Rice.

diy father's day gift surprise for husband family dinner

Our tummies were full! Hubby’s heart was fuller!

Open the Special Wine 

diy father's day gift surprise for husband special drink soju

Well, it’s not really a special wine but it is Hubby’s new favorite drink: Soju!

The family had a lot of toasts with this Soju drink and they ended up a little bit tipsy haha!

Surprise Dad with Cake and Treats

diy father's day gift surprise for husband cake

As an additional surprise, we also got Hubby a Father’s Day cake as a dessert treat!

Good thing this cake place was right beside the Japanese restaurant where I picked up the Tempura from. I was able to cross over and got a cake for Hubby.

He got to make a wish and blow the candle. Happy Father’s Day!

Easy DIY Father’s Day Gift Surprise For Husband

So what kind of gift did we get Hubby for Father’s Day?

Since we still don’t go out due to the quarantine and I didn’t have much lead time to get a gift online, we just went the DIY gift for dad way!

The Gift for Dad Idea

diy father's day gift surprise for husband idea

I got the idea for a DIY surprise gift for my husband again from my blog post about Father’s Day. It included this Father’s Day Gift Ideas that had dad’s favorite treats inside a pair of shoes or a hat or tackle box.

We improvised!

The day before when we went grocery shopping, I got Hubby’s favorite chips, cookies and chocolates. An awesome gift for the man who was a snack and sweets addict!

Funny because our nanny got 2 of each item on my list plus my own stash equals a whole lot of goodies!

Now assembling them was the next problem…

The Gift Assembly

diy father's day gift surprise for husband assembly

Finally, when Hubby fell asleep that afternoon, I sneaked out to assemble his Father’s Day gift basket.

I found a crate lying around in the house and put all the goodies inside. They fit!

Plus I folded some red and white Japanese tissue paper and tucked them along the sides of the crate of goodies.

Now it really looked like a fabulous gift of favorite treats!

The DIY Card for Dad 

diy father's day gift surprise for husband card

Of course, my son, Joshua, needed to take part in the Father’s Day surprise gift for dad. 

So I had him make the DIY card that would go with the unique Father’s Day gift surprise for the husband I assembled.

We sneaked downstairs and almost got caught when Hubby suddenly opened his eyes from his nap. Haha scary!

I made a template of letterings for Joshua to trace over and let him design the card gift for dad.

diy father's day gift surprise for husband card closeup

And boy did he have a go at it! He made his unique drawings inside the card. Then he enjoyed designing the sequins and glitter on the cover. 

A work of art indeed!

The Father’s Day Gift Revelation

diy father's day gift surprise for husband the revelation

Finally, Hubby woke up from his nap. We got him to go downstairs to see his surprise gift. 

“Wow! Is that all for me???” was his bug eyed reaction. 

Then he proceeded to ban everyone else from taking anything from the goodies crate haha!

He loved every item of his surprise gift but he loved Joshua’s DIY Father’s Day card all the more.

Winner surprise!

The Dad’s Gift for the Son

diy father's day gift surprise for husband gift for son

As a thank you for the awesome DIY Father’s Day gift surprise, the Dad gave the son a special gift… A bagful of gummies!

Joshua was all smiles! He wasn’t expecting a gift in return.

And he attacked those gummies immediately! He was especially enamored with the shark gummies and ate them skewered on toothpicks.

Give love and you get love in return!

A Special Father’s Day Gift from the Wife

diy father's day gift surprise for husband kdrama blog post

Another Father’s Day gift for the husband from the wife is the special blog post feature I made of his very own article.

Hubby created this article about his observations on Korean Dramas. He has been a Kdrama addict since February when we first watched “Crash Landing On You” on Netflix. 

Watching Korean Drama Tv has become our nightly date and we were hooked!

So to honor him and put the spotlight on his work, I uploaded, edited and published his article on my blog for Father’s Day weekend. 

You can read all about his wise and funny observations here: 25 Things My Husband Learned as a Kdrama Fan!

Do LIKE, SHARE and leave your COMMENTS in there if you can relate to my Kdrama addict husband!

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The Last Word on DIY Father’s Day Gift Surprise for Husband

diy father's day gift surprise for husband celebrate with family

Celebrating the dad in your life doesn’t have to be complicated, especially since this year we are still on quarantine. Just focus on everything he loves and give him his favorite treats. 

Making your own DIY gift and card for dad adds sentimental value even though it didn’t cost much. 

Honoring him with his favorite things and giving love-filled gifts will ensure a happy dad on Father’s Day.

What is important is you celebrate this special day with the whole family. Let dad feel the love!

And there you have it, how we did a simple and easy DIY Father’s Day gift surprise for husband!

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