1st Preschool PTA Meeting

pta meeting
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pta meeting


We attended our 1st ever PTA meeting at Joshua’s preschool. We were “encouraged” (more like forced hehe) to go by my sister, Mia who is a teacher, saying that it goes in our child’s school record if we attend. Fine! We’ll just go on our movie date afterwards…

Election of Officers

So what happened at this PTA? It was election of officers day. Since Junior Nursery sections were too small to have different officers, they decided to merge all sections & have only 1 set of officers. I asked what was expected of PTA officers (since we were 1st timers in preschool). Then we were asked to introduce ourselves so we know who’s who…

ENDING: I was elected President of the Junior Nursery level! Waaaahhhh!!! I was only going out for a movie date today & this happens…

Funny thing was, I already had a gut feeling that I would be elected. I squashed it & looked down at the paper on my table, hoping they won’t see me. But see me they did, haaay!

pta meeting

PTA Officers Meeting

So now we were told that the new officers had to convene with the other level officers in another room while the other parents could go home. All I could think of was my movie date, tick tock clock…

With the other level officers, we were told we had to elect officers to represent the whole Preschool to the rest of Claret School. Plus only Presidents of each section could be chosen. Here we go again…

We were again asked to introduce ourselves. Now I know not to be “bibo” (alert) to keep under the radar hehe. Our names were written on the blackboard so we could choose whom to elect. Funny thing was there was hardly an election because once you get nominated, the voting is closed immediately. So you end up being elected by default haha!

Here comes that gut feel again… President,VP, Sec, Treasurer came & went. I was almost pitted against another mommy as Auditor but I knew it wasn’t for me. Because I knew in my gut I would be chosen as PRO… Haaaay winner as PRO!

My hubby kept laughing at me because he knew I had no intention of attending the PTA & ended up becoming an officer. “Karma!” He said. He kept teasing me about it, knowing that I was deflated that we were gonna miss the movie date because we were already late. We ended up going home instead.

So there you have it, my 1st PTA meeting that ended up being surreal. And this is just the beginning, we still have many more years of PTA’s to come (Yikes!). One good thing about it though, as hubby pointed out, I could now write more stories about my mommy adventures in my blog. Ok fine!



  1. Attend your child’s PTA meeting so you’ll get information about school activities.
  2. If you don’t want to become an officer on election day, DON’T ask questions, DON’T be funny, and DON’T say anything. Haha! In short, keep under the radar. (Hard lesson for me to learn!)
  3. Don’t schedule a movie date with your spouse during PTA day. You never know how long these things take so you’ll most likely miss your movie time. (Less stress looking at the clock!)


  1. What’s your 1st PTA experience like?
  2. Would you allow yourself to be elected as a PTA officer?

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