Help Your Child Go Potty

potty training book, potty for toddlers

There are so many #Potty Training Books out there for parents to read to help them #potty train their kids. This time around, here are books for you to read to your kids to help them get used to the idea of Potty Training. Yes, these are children’s books! They …

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Potty Training for Day and Night

This is a very interesting topic because it’s a very real problem for #Potty Training our tots. Dr.Brown gives important tips on how to handle #Potty Training for Nighttime in this video.   Toilet training during the day and night don’t happen simultaneously. It’s actually normal for a child who …

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Potty Training Toddlers: 4 Common Myths Debunked

These are quite “shocking” truths about #Potty Training Myths… I’m guilty about “Leave the #potty out so they get used to it” hehe! When it comes to #potty training, you’ve likely heard common assumptions, such as “you should wait ’til they’re ready” or “boys are harder to train than girls.” …

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How to Potty Train in 3 Days

potty training, potty

  Joshua’s Preschool is about to start and we still haven’t started #potty training him. We got him a kiddie toilet, complete with music & flushing sound, for him to train on his last birthday. But all he’s done so far is use it as a regular chair haha! So …

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When to Start Potty Training

potty training

I attended the Parent Orientation of Joshua’s school last week. We were given an overview of what to expect, what activities the kids will be doing, what to bring, etc. One thing that struck me most was when the teacher told us not to put extra diapers in our kid’s …

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